Application of logos on a variety of gifts have long been used as one of the best ways of advertising. Logos are applied to a huge number of objects with different purpose. Many companies have applied to their product logos, own symbols with the simple aim of advertising their brand. This advertisement is one of the best because it requires significant cost and effort. Logos are applied to various materials, such as skin (Diaries of logo), metal (pens with the logo, various electronics), plastics, ceramics (mugs, ashtrays), glass, wood, just in different ways. There are four main ways of applying logos are often practiced with purpose of advertising. Screen printing – method of application used on materials such as plastics, ceramics, metal. Application is made with paint, so this method is the most popular and in demand.

Apply to all sorts of items, mugs, plastic Christmas balls, a variety of electronics. Tampo is a miniature silkscreen, usually applied to the handle. Decal – a method of drawing on pottery, glass, porcelain (Mugs with logo) by high-temperature firing. The method is very durable and immune to external factors. Laser engraving – a method of drawing on a variety of products with a laser. The main advantage of this technique is that a laser can be applied logo on any surface (wood, metal, plastic, glass, leather and much more). Embossing – This method allows us to give a surface relief of the (Leather goods, balls with logo). The application is done using a special form, a metal plate for decoration. The use of promotional gifts are quite diverse. Applied at different exhibitions presentations within the company, expensive gifts are used as gifts to various clients. The most popular souvenirs are the most common items such as mugs, pens, on 's Eve is not Equal plastic balls and a New Year calendar.