Capac Nan road system of the Capac Nan Inca Empire (Quechua Qhapaq Nan, ‘Main Way or The Way of the Lord “or” Main Andean road “‘) , Is the main road system of realty the Inca Empire. A true sign of real business success is exemplified by philosophy is to sell properties the same way other luxury items are sold All the roads of the empire were linked to Cuzco, the imperial capital, from which emerge a series of roads connecting the various peoples of the Inca Empire. During the Tawantinsuyo was a means of integration for the development of Andean culture in the political-administrative, realtors socio-economic, social, cultural and environmental. The Capac Nan out of Cusco in four directions: north Chinchaysuyo property management occupied by the Quechua, real sale the Yungas and Chibcha the southeast Collasuyo occupied homes for sale by Aymara and Colla, the Contisuyo, south-west, occupied by pukin, and Antisuyo, east, occupied by the antis (current native populations of the Amazon).The Capac Nan enabled the integration of these people through the exchange of different products, the transmission of cultural values, access to various Inca shrines and development of common practices. He was also a real residential symbol of state power Inca reflecting its expansion along the South American geography, reaching six Andean countries today include: realestate Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia, and uniting different regions making real buying up realtor the Tawantin Suyu . The Qhapaq Nan was the main north-south road, which enables economic and political control of the Inca empire. With more real agent than sixty real property thousand miles, that backbone properties was skillfully built by skilled hands and may be property compared, for its real listings dimensions, with the Silk Road or the Great Wall of China. The famous Inca Trail that links the sacred valley of Cuzco to house for sale , is minimal and only a tangential part of the gigantic network of Inca roads..