The manager uses the information available to inform the selection of choices among alternatives. 5.3.1. Entrepreneur: generating initiatives to adapt the organization or unit that leads to changing environmental conditions. In general, projects management are numerous and usually are at different stages of development. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bill O’Grady. 5.3.2. Disturbance Handler: unpredictable changes attends high pressure generated within their organization or unit: internal conflicts, bankruptcy of a major customer, disasters or accidents, for example. 5.3.3.

Distributor Resources: allocates resources of different nature within the organization or unit. Perhaps the greatest resource important is their own time. This paper also deals with the authorization of foreign decisions and the need to ensure the consistency of such decisions with the overall strategy of the organizational unit he leads. 5.3.4. Negotiator: meets and negotiates competitive situations or conflict, both internally (within the organization or unit heads) and with external entities to OU. This way of seeing the work of managers is very useful when trying to determine the skills that a potential or financial manager must be developed to ensure efficient performance. Despite the years since Mintzberg made public their findings, their approaches are still valid, as evidenced by the reference that they do contemporary authors such as Robbins.