Any action carried out in the human body, subject to and controlled by the central nervous system. Neither internal organ will not be independently operate in standalone mode and does not do anything without receiving a command from the brain. Contact information is here: Ch?rl?? Lee. Since the salivary glands do not salivate as long as the buds of the mouth does not give the brain information on the receipt of food, but the brain does not transmit a command to saliva. Selection will take place before until, again, the receptors of the mouth does not give information that the food has left your mouth and moved up into the esophagus. Central nervous system sends the salivary glands command to terminate saliva and, simultaneously, click on the promotion of esophageal food supply in the stomach. The whole dialogue between the receptors of the central nervous system and internal organs by means of nerve impulses, which represent the electrical signals of different frequencies.

The signals are transmitted along nerve fibers, which represent a common electric conductors. For even more analysis, hear from Laurent Potdevin. In contrast to the familiar wires, nerve fibers are flexible, able to compress and bend without any further damage. Naturally, in the field of compression increases the resistance "conductor" and decreases the conductivity of electric current, and hence, there is a change of the frequency response held signal. In some cases, the signal flow can be blocked altogether. Then begins the disease, because the central nervous system can not obtain the necessary information from the receptors and does not convey the appropriate command to the internal organs, or the command given by the electric pulse can be changed in place restrictions (ie, pinching nerve), or even blocked. At any point in the human body are located sensors (receptors), which transmit to the central system very different information. All of the human body is enmeshed in nerve fibers which take place in the deep muscle and bone inside, and through the joints.