The role of partners is the develop the agenda and members is the to carry out the actions necessary to achieve the objectives established by the Forum, benefit from the relationships between the members of the Forum. Some strategic partners are: Audi, The Boeing Company, British Petroleum, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Compaq, DHL, Ernst and Young, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Company, Reuters, Price Water House Coopers, Vivendi Universal and Volkswagen.The FEM is known primarily for its annual meetings held in late January in the tourist centre of Davos in Grisons where will engage in discussions on economic and social problems affecting the whole world. The meetings involved Presidents and Prime Ministers of States, heads of major economic organizations, representatives of NGOs, intellectuals and up personalities from the world of the spectacle. In addition to the annual meeting in Davos, the WEF organizes every year a series of regional meetings. It also conducts studies on issues related to the contribution of the global economy to overall development as leaders gather in Davos, a large number of security forces is employed to protect congressmen and to prevent that otherglobalists protesters come to the place of the rally. Since 2001 held in Brazil on the same dates the so-called World Social Forum (WSF) which is understood as an alternative to FEM more important topic on the agenda of the WEF is the increase in the standard of living on a global scale. Among the most recent achievements stands out the adoption of a comprehensive plan to stop the spread of tuberculosis (2006) and a program of the G-8 countries initiated by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2005 to alleviate the effects of poverty and climate change. It is said, that there are those who consider the WEF a forum for the wealthy, where economic leaders and large employers put pressure on politicians to assert their own interests the truth who have assisted a significant numbers of participants from different countries with the interest of alternative solutions that favour how dealing with the crisis, specifically, hundreds of political and business leaders from around the world are already gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerlandwhere it is anticipated that they will discuss the recent reduction in rates of interest in United States and the global economy crisis.