Just live without them can not. “On what you can earn?” – You will cry. “It’s just a hobby!” Well, that’s what you think. But a young woman from Moscow, which had a interesting hobby, organized private nursery for ornamental butterflies. It is their breeds, raises and trains some tricks. Facebook is a great source of information. What did she do with them? And it just brought into fashion to give your loved ones for the holidays fireworks from butterflies. Man gives his beloved woman in a beautiful holiday box. The woman opens it, and then dozens of huge multi-colored butterflies. And flit all over the apartment. I can only add that this savvy girl Today is a very wealthy person. And also, very happy, as it takes only your favorite butterflies. A customer from her last post there. Why? Yes because that makes it his job to love and at the same time very happy. And happy people always want something to buy. Thus, at least for a while soaking up the ray of happiness that man. It seems to me that I’m still not completely convinced you that you need to do business in precisely the area where you have buried talents and abilities.

Do not you believe that it is possible at any state of its interest to do so. That not all youth need to first work for the money, then to old age a couple of years to live humanly. Sure, sure, you can give thousands of examples of when a person does what he likes with his head immersed in your work, and live in poverty. But the fact of what we say? And that man that man lives in his fictional reality, it soars somewhere in the clouds and not think about their daily bread. For it is only his favorite job or business. But we live in a material world. And if a person devotes all his time only to their occupation and not for mothers, it financial sector will certainly suffer. And next to it will suffer from his family. Therefore, we must not just do his favorite thing, but more and do it wisely. Look, think, analyze, where you can apply your talents, as you can turn your hobby into a business. At any, I stress on any of your passion or hobby you can become rich and wealthy person. But it is important not just to do something better than others, but it is able to teach people to make sure that they are interested in your product. And if you can join a entrepreneurial flair and the use of their talents, then very quickly be able to forget about what is unloved work was over his head, working seven days a week, and vegetation for starvation wages. Of course, you can stay in their opinion, and yet to choose a business based only on its profitability and prospects, but I still recommend that you pull their socks up and come up with a business option, which would have intertwined your talents, abilities, creativity, and of course do not forget about the material.