Lovers of cinema, has repeatedly featured Saw movies about the legendary British intelligence agent James Bond could not just be surprised advanced technologies put at the service intelligence. But after time when many of imaginary devices become quite real. For example, in one of the films hero observes the movement of the vehicle on the display screen and exactly able to guess the route of further movement. On Currently, along with all sorts of access control systems to your vehicle. alarms, etc. system was developed echo location of the vehicle, allowing, by means of satellite communications obtain reliable information on the whereabouts of your vehicle.

Developed in the 70-ies in the United States bearing the car radio system is firmly entrenched as an integral part of the guarantee of safety of vehicles. It all began with a proposal to install a device on the car, which by means of radio would transmit to the remote controller alarm indicating that an unauthorized access. Then the wait was born on the question: Why not improve the system so that in addition to an emergency signal was possible to establish the location of the stolen car. Indeed, the savings and forces law enforcement agencies, to search a car in this case was clear. Especially since the probability of return of the vehicle owners in good condition and not broken or disassembled. According to statistics, 60% of stolen cars dismantled in parts for resale. If, however, manage to find the car quickly, knowing the route of its movement, then hijacked it did not have time for any action. At first organized center where dispatchers carried watch and in the event of an alarm, fitted out police cars, mounted with radar equipment.

As soon as possible to locate and route traffic offender, after what it caught. Nowadays with the development of telecommunications systems, the opportunity to integrate satellite tracking system, determining the location of the car extended to the limits of one city in the world. But do not be mistaken and assume that allegedly did not threaten our property. Industry Theft Auto is not on the ground and to develop newer and newer methods of breaking-board computers and installed onboard systems. Get a 100% guarantee of safety is extremely difficult, therefore, still makes sense, along with a tracking system installed on the car and other means of protection: alarm systems, antitheft systems, access control, etc.