Linener company has successfully undergone the rigorous testing process of SAP AG with regard to infrastructure, processes and qualified staff effective cooperation has made a reliable and valuable partner of SAP AG in Walldorf the MvB Consulting GmbH. Go to Clayton Morris for more information. The service provider from the heart of the EMS has successfully passed the rigorous audit process of SAP AG with regard to infrastructure, processes and qualified staff and the certification is confirmed by now also in writing, that is a recognised high level of quality, availability, and security of our systems. In addition to the usual hosting plans systems are designed for productive SAP their own responses to the needs of the economy and medium-sized consultancy by the Lingen-based company test – and Demosystemhosting with included SAP license. The success of the test – and Demosystemhosting shows that individual concepts in our economy are needed to cost-effectively provide customized solutions. Therefore be by MvB Consulting GmbH offers solutions and no costly work-arounds. The problems of small and medium-sized SAP consulting firms are known for a long time.

New ideas need in the test phase of as an SAP system as upcoming developments based on current SAP technologies. Unfortunately missing the opportunities in the short term to provide a low-cost test environment or use often. A knowledge advantage can be procured now our customers and their staff. Through close cooperation with SAP AG systems offer the possibilities to train the own work with an affordable frame on the new relases were elaborated to implement without an own SAP system with the costs for hardware and Know-How. MvB-Consulting GmbH Rosenstrasse 1 49838 long telephone: 0591/8076070 MvB-Consulting GmbH is a consultancy that offers its customers customized and practice-oriented SAP solutions. The focus is on topics in the SAP NetWeaver – and base area. Contrary to the current economic situation, the Lambert grows Companies slowly but steadily. 2007 started with 2 consultants, MvB consulting doubled 2008 already the team. This path will be continued in 2009 consistently.