In Mexico a time was lived on crisis as it were also lived anywhere in the world, little by little this went away seeing less. It was a bad moment for all, but now at present one is leaving this crisis and it is good moment to reclaim that money that I am not generated during the crisis. If these thinking about saving but in addition you wanted to generate money of that saving you I can recommend in the investment of bottoms. The investment funds are an excellent way to generate money by means of your savings. Credit: baby clothes-2011. These work by means of the resources of investment of several individual ones, diminishing the loss risk and maximizing the yield, doing of the investment somewhat surely where it is planned to satisfy the needs and objectives with you participate them. The investment funds are something that much people not yet know, given that when listening the word investment creates a certain uncertainty if something gained or it is lost see, it like a bet, where it gains or it is lost. This is not the reality since the investment funds are for the support of other companies where in addition they are diversified to these investments, creating a minimum risk for the investor and in addition it is contributed with the contribution for the growth of the company. Original author and source of the article.