The story fit well in the context of the cold war, since many atomic tests were carried out in Nevada. The CIA was responsible for covering up the accident and official records, mentions that an F-105 of the air force plane fell in that place. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same. The CIA also subjected Collins to truth serum, to see if he had not hidden anything on the facts relating to the accident. The boys in the van were located and forced to sign an agreement of confidentiality about what happened. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lawrence Ellison by clicking through. CARRETA was safe.

For eight years the CIA had been working with aircraft spy on Area 51, with the express mission of providing tools to the intelligence services to prevent a nuclear war. Aerial reconnaissance was a major part of this preventive work and the base was one of its cornerstones. But not always called Area 51, says Edward Lovick, the physicist who developed the stealth technology. We referred to the place as Paradise Ranch (Rancho Paradise), to convince the men who abandon their families and were working at the secret place. T.D. Barnes married Doris, from 16 to 17. To bring money home bought broken TV sets, repairing them and selling could not buy who is a new one. It was very good with electronics.

He went to the Korea Guerra, and demonstrated their skills with radar apparatus and electronics of missiles. At age 30 he was already part of a select group who handled high-level nuclear secrets. The CIA took a guy who was at the Summit of each field, and wore it to Area 51, says Barnes. As a security measure, we could not reveal his name. We traveled in different cars, and had available helicopters and airplanes. Remember those years, T.D. ensures that they were the group most secret since the Manhattan Project, commissioned to develop the first atomic bomb. In cold war secrecy was essential. The CIA should be you people imagine things most mad about Area 51, provided that it does not get close to the truth. The CARRETA (or A-12), real reason for all the secrecy, was an airplane single-seater that he flew for the first time in 1962. It is considered the forerunner of the interceptor YF-12 of the USAF and the SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft. The A-12 was designed by Lockheed and was elected on a proposal called KINGFISH Convair. The program, although he was successful, never went into production and the aircraft was redesigned to become the famous SR-71 Blackbird. Although very similar to the original A-12, the SR-71 was 1.5 meters longer, had a payload of sensors heavier and a second crew member who drove the reconnaissance team and the cameras. Almost 3000 flight testing over the desert were. When someone saw one of these monsters move at speeds up to MACH 3, it almost always convinced of having seen a spacecraft from another planet and fantasy about Area 51 was increasing. The CIA, was obviously delighted to have such coverage. But the cold war ended, and a group of elderly veterans is starting, finally, to reveal what really happened in that place. AND, as often happens, the reality is much less exciting than the myth. Ladies and gentlemen, ET doesn’t live in Nevada. And go paradox: conspiracies fans helped the U.S. Government keep secret what truly mattered. They learned the lesson?