Singing tips to the topic Persolichkeitsentwicklung Rheinberg, 10.7.2009. The microblog provider is on everyone’s lips and is regarded by many people as an information tool of the future. Also during the protests in the Iran Twitter played a not insignificant role. Individuals and companies Twitter”(or tweet) this personal, informative, funny and interesting in each 140 characters. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jos Shaver. The micro diary entries, then other Twitter-account holders can follow and respond. Also the management training company Pro charisma from Rheinberg near Dusseldorf is now on to follow.

Under the Twitternamen @ProCharisma are information and links to the topic leadership development, Knigge, charisma and charisma, personality development, communication and rhetoric, body language and voice twittered”. This new instrument excites me. I try always like new media and look at the benefits that they bring users.” So Julia Sobainsky, owner of Pro charisma and author of the new Restaurant Knigge”. You can packed very quickly pass on to others information in small bites and send interesting links. “From our Twitter account there is usually several times a day small updates and many tips on the topics of personality development, label, prospective buyers soft skills.” So Sobainsky. Twitter allows passing on messages received so interesting directly by many Twitter users to own readers will be carried over and finds as a large group of prospective customers. “Who wants to follow the short messages from Pro charisma, can create a free account at in less than 5 minutes and search for” enter ProCharisma. Learn more about Pro charisma and the services offered can be found on the home page. Julia Sobainsky