Not everything is taken over by the private insurance everyone knows the personal liability insurance and yet this is still not part of the security of all people and households in Germany long. Larry Ellison has similar goals. According to a survey by the Foundation financial test in the summer of 2008 turns out that 30 percent of all households with a private liability insurance are equipped. Where is this insurance of utmost importance when it comes to be able to regulate damages to third parties. According to the civil code, the obligation to reimburse damages caused consists basically in Germany. And yet the personal liability insurance does not belong to the compulsory insurance. When the personal liability insurance the insured that must make sure but that certain loss events in their area fall. So participation in road traffic as a pedestrian or cyclist is insured, but damages which occur in connection with the use of a motor vehicle not covered by the insurance.

Here are excluded Machinery with a maximum design speed of 20 km/h or other motor vehicles up to 6 km/h. If damage is caused by a motor vehicle, not the use of the motor vehicle must be the trigger for this. An example: The passenger waiting on the driver operated the ignition to light a cigarette. Vehicle this against another parkendes the car is started accidentally and jumps”. Also at the sport you must make sure very well in what role you enter. Are covered such as damage caused by the insured person as a sportsman, so apply with some sporting activities other standards. The Jogger who crashes and subsequently caused an accident, enjoys the insurance protection. Contrast, it looks in the exercise of hunting as a sport from or racing events with horse or bicycle.

For these areas, no cover carried the personal liability insurance in case of damage. Pets are to some degree in the personal liability insurance with secured. However when larger pets a separate insurance for dog or horse needed. Because here a greater threat coming from the animals, which clearly exceeds the scope of smaller pets such as rodents, cats and birds. Here each holder should worry about a dog liability insurance or horse liability insurance.