The Question of the Reply of what it is the Life In the lessons of Philosophy it is common the questions most important to be also more ' estranhas'! The less common e, therefore, the ones that more must be stimulated. Had the innumerable investigations in mine mseras expositions, I decided to publish some of the possible reflections in what guideline the question, that is the Life? Perhaps the seen life of one mote religious gives in them varied answers. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. Not obstante, all with deep of ' truths absolutas' that few human beings had dared to contest them. He swims Philosophical. Or, the plasticity of the life can be a trick of bad taste for where the ignorance wins the Reason.

E the Mystery burglarizes the diverse Philosophical possibilities. As ' Already my youngster said eclesiastes has two a thousand years behind underneath of the sun does not have nothing new is not silly ' (Of the Album the Pan of the Devil). Then, the life always was life without being lived? So that to be born, being that the life exists before you living it? Makes difference you to exist or not? If you were certain of what it is the Life certainly you would obtain to exactly live without it to have Sensible. It makes direction in such a way, to have meant? However, Pink Guimares said certain time ' that much important thing lack nome'. Very well, we go to change to the word ' ' Vida' ' for some meanings ' insignificantes'. The life cries is it of the baby who already knows that he goes to suffer! That it will be the only animal that will have the notion of the death. That its errors, its imperfections will not be pardoned. The life will go to charge it cents for cents. Ah! How life! You are to know that no matter how hard learns, still she will be little and she will not have guarantees you are welcome.