About substantial risk of loss is many unexplained often retail investors are financial advisers specifically recruited, risky Fund investments in the man to bring and collect big commissions for this. Claims against the companies and brokers can expire at the end of the year 2011. “Particularly atypical silent financial mediation (first/second/third) AG as well as Kommanditbeteiligungen in the SHB innovative fund concepts AG investments in the Southwest (Mall Carre Gottingen, Businesspark Stuttgart”, old age retirement funds among others) and the RWB AG (PrivateCapital PLUSsystem””, global market… “among others) in the area of private equity”, but other fund investments (such as shipping funds, real estate funds, aircraft etc.) are mostly taught without the necessary risk information. The conclusion of the contract is almost always along the same lines. Telephone contact a free financial analysis is the investors offered, which eventually To find opportunities for improvement”.

Haunting words, adventurous calculations and under deliberate concealment of the manifold risks investments in closed-end funds will bring recommended, which for the respective investment purposes (such as for example pensions, asset accumulation) much higher yields investors than the usual forms of investment, such as savings or life insurance. Since the intermediary well understand it, to highlight the benefits of these systems and to trivialize issues, possible risks they are often successful with attracting new investors who believe according to the flowery mostly itself an investment opportunity ideal for. Only after many years, when the promised dividends go back or quite materialize, many are suspicious and first thoroughly deal with the closed system. This, they must often find that it is far from the promised security of participation. Many are not aware that they deal with their signature over a very long period of sometimes up to 30 years or even longer, directly or through a trustee, have participated in a company and thus while whose profits benefit from, but also on its losses (!).