The present article presents a fact that much in the flame the attention and that turns on the partner-educational transistion in our country, and of that it forms are treated the atinentes subjects to the great existing cultural diversity, being able to be perceived in classroom, in the direct meeting of deriving pupils of the most isolated regions of Brazil. This work is mentioned specifically to the lingusticas variations that, in a past not so distant, were seen as irregular forms of the verbal expressionismo in relation what we can call Cultured Norm of our Portuguese Language, and that today an adequacy of the related phenomenon with the society contemporary, and this are studied scientifically through the sociolingustica, aiming at, of form to provoke in the human being, operating in the pertaining to school activities, a natural feeling of acceptance and interaction of the way, providing itself, searchs of the interest cultural description and of ours origins. However, the reality is that, the propellant of all this educational joint is centered in the figure of the educator. However, a true phalanx of these noble detainers of knowing is still evidenced disclosing itself irrationally against a phenomenon that many already defend as Values of the Land ; the lingustica variation. The treat fact vehemently inquires an imposed situation in the pertaining to school banks of our country, that delays education and scythe the tunning of the pupil in relation to the world where it lives; I call particular attention in for the Lingustico Preconception and the problems the Education in Brazil. 2. JUSTIFICATION the related work opens a horizon of investigations on the partner-educational questions of our country, as well as the future perspectives in relation the changes of behavior on the part of our educators, in relation to the acceptance of the existing cultural diversity in Brazil that if manifest of different forms, amongst them, for the verbal expression, landmark of the communication between the human beings.