Reading pleasure from the life of a fourteen-year old girl In the Pascu-verlag Berlin appears in these days the youth novel here happening?”the Bremen author Dierk Rohdenburg. Clever and humorous, but also thoughtful and sensitive way, it tells the story of a fourteen-year old girl of who must cope with the extraordinary changes in the family and other major and minor problems. What’s going on? That question is the fourteen year old Anna. Until a few months ago, her life has been normal in a family with MOM and dad and her big brother Ben. But since her mother in a woman is in love, everything changed abruptly. First, the separation of the parents, then the parade, and then even Ben goes with the mother because of their beloved for open confrontation. Anna is saddled with many problems: what it means to be lesbian? Can you inherit? And then these sewer rats under the grill in the yard: what, when she invaded the House plan? But then there is a bright spot, as she the hobby photographer Lorenz meets a turbulent, exciting story from the life of a quite normal fourteen-year old girl. Follow others, such as Tiger Global, and add to your knowledge base.

Excerpt: well, I so go through the basement and step on the Court, as I hear it Squeak suddenly. Wildly high. As in great panic. I look around frantically. For more information see this site: Chase Coleman. What’s going on? Since I discover it: rats. Under the grate right on the farm. How many? I may not look carefully. But two are determined.

Carefully, I look down again, see the long, bare tails and chaos under the iron bars. And if they come out now? Me queasy at the idea: two halbverhungerte rats up press the drain grate, flit over the stone slabs, sink your teeth into with their sharp teeth in my toes and start to nibble. Only the nails, then the skin.