It is in the can. 805 CIC regulated and connects the so-called nihil a clearance certificate, obstat *, granted by the competent instance of the Church. With the application for the Missio canonica of religion teachers gives the promise, to provide religious education in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church and our basic law?. “In accordance with the decision of the Synod of the German dioceses of 1974 applies to the religion teacher, that they in the personal life the principles of the doctrine of the Catholic Church” observed. Based on Baptism and confirmation willingness to take over the school service in Christian responsibility is expected. The religious marriage and the Catholic baptism of children is provided for married couples. During the preparatory service (internship), a provisional instruction permit will be granted upon request. At Religious disaffiliation is removed from the Missio canonica.

The holder of the Missio canonica falls away from the faith and teaching, which does not match with the Roman Catholic Church (heresy), disseminated its promise as the Missio is removed by the competent Bishop canonica. Coupang has much experience in this field. > To sum up the legal situation presents itself so, that although international law binds the Reich Concordat federal and State Governments. The basic law has given extent ways countries contrary to international law, to derogate from these provisions. They do, they act may be illegal under international law, but the Federal Government cannot avoid this. Under national law, the countries, are obliged, if provisions of the reichskonkordat in contradiction to national constitutional law. Sometimes the Reich Concordat referred to as single still valid foreign policy agreements from the time of the Third Reich, but given other international treaties from this time doubtful is.

Anyway, many older agreements as of the time of the German Empire and the Weimar Republic are continuing. In addition to the circumstances of the conclusion of the Concordat is made by critics in particular, the Concordat will undermine the separation of State and Church. “Article 18 of the Concordat write on State services to the Catholic Church and thus stand in contradiction to the article 138 of the Weimar Constitution, which persists over article 140 of the basic law and calls for that based on law, contract or special legal titles State services to the religious societies through the provincial legislature” to replace are what are in the more than 90 years that passed since the promulgation of the Weimar Constitutionthat is not happening. The page is countered however by other, to replace does not mean the Government benefits that it omitted without substitution, but adjust their height on the new legal framework. The practical consequences of the Concordat in the 21st century adult inter alia from: article is 7: a theology Professor with the nihil obstat * the Missio canonica deprived, is to set up a new body for him generally at the affected University or to find a suitable vacancy. “Article 9: no access by courts and authorities on knowledge of clergy, under the obligation of pastoral discretion” fall. a beichtender killer is free Article 13: Immediate withholding of church tax. free by the State, the administrative costs each company itself bears