The relationship is first and foremost a life project. A project that we decided to share with a couple in particular and build a world that belongs to both. In this regard, as well as personal life project which includes a couple is thought. The members of the couple is also necessary to take awareness of the importance of having a plan and a purpose about what they want and want their relationship. Many are the issues that come into play to make this a life plan two. Read more here: Southwest Airlines. -Values: what are those guidelines surrounding the life partner. Where we are going, what we want, how we want it and what we want it. -Activities: what are those activities that our tastes allows us to share, what not, what can be changed and what plane they is better that each perform them for his part. -The job: going to work, only one take the livelihood of the House. How each of the two can support the labour activity of the other. -Money: in what is allocated, how it is spent, as it is distributed and if both enjoy the same freedom to count with the same. -Leisure: what to do with the free time, where we are going, how we have fun, what we spend, we like the same places, we are in tune with what we think about leisure time. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Or drawing get bored because we did not find what to do when we are not busy or stressed out. -Children: how will education, who will take care of them. If both parents are working how to organize family life. Which school will go, what are going to teach you how to value. How many children to have and also how to remain partner when we are already in family. -The extended family: long consumes the life of each one of the members of the couple, go or not go to see them, when, how long, etc. – spirituality: how us We’ll understanding on the part of the life and its depth. We share or not this aspect. How understand it and actions we want to live in this regard. Finally the list can be enormous and however, we never take the time to talk about it, to plan and have a project that us purpose and direction to the life partner. We are like leaves in the wind to believe that the love we have is going to save lives as a couple. Some couples achieved it some not. Do therefore is important to recapitulate in which aspects we are having a low level of understanding and rethink and rethink again the questions:-what we want? Do-how do we want to? -Where we are going? Do-what we need to do both to achieve it? – And of course, to take action in this regard. If for any reason you have difficulty in clarifying their goals and objectives of the life partner, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialists. Visit our site. Thanks for reading me my mission is the quality of emotional life. Restore confidence in love is one of the most successful materials that have and you will surely be of great utility in this topic.