Investment in remanufactured engine can become a cost and a nightmare if not installed properly, it is of vital importanciaa spare no resources in training and technical training necessary for proper installation. INSTALLATION "N ENGINE There are several major systems that is important to review fully when installing a remanufactured engine: Enfriamientoa System Lubrication System Supply System Tuning Engine Computer Combustiblea Mayor Others (oil pan, intake manifold cover distribution ) a COOLING SYSTEM Radiator The radiator is the most important element of the cooling system. They are all water block a few steps and without a periodic change of antifreeze antifreeze chemicals adhere to the inner walls restricting the passage and preventing the radiator cool down properly. Depending on the severity of the damage, should be sent to probe the radiator, soldering or replacement. Radiator cap Responsible for maintaining pressure in the cooling system, and when it is weak or defective, it reduces the boiling point, causing overheating and result in damage to newly installed engine.

Is indicated to replace the radiator cap with a new one. Water Pump water pump is not working properly obviously cause engine overheating. Failures are very common in the pump seal, a bearing in poor condition or damaged gear. The recommendation here is to always replace the water pump a new one. Thermostat, belts, hoses, fan, others The key is to replace the thermostat installing Ela for the type of vehicle taking temperature measurements appropriate for your engine, replace belts and hoses at the slightest sign of hardness or wear, replace the fan if blades are bent or broken, replace hopper and / or fan mechanism is damaged.