To date, each holder of your car is trying to protect your car against corrosion, scratches, burn paint and interior cabin. To do this in the installation center for equipping equipment that there were two services: pasting a car with vinyl film and tinting car. Tinted car it certainly has long been known for a service which is aimed not only hide the driver and passengers from prying eyes, but also to protect elements of upholstery from uv radiation and, consequently, burnout. Just tinted glass protects the plastic parts of a torpedo strain. Dubbing films are metallic and not metallic. Metallized films better protection from uv radiation and a little more expensive to produce firm Llumar, Sun tec, Sun control, Jonson.

Shades and colors of dubbing films are variety, even if the car is very light toned film, you already get protection from ultraviolet radiation. Pasting the body film, this service has appeared recently. The film, which is glued to the body car, protects paintwork from fading, scratches, corrosion. This film is sufficiently dense and copes well with its task, it is also called or vinyl. The main advantage the film is no special care, it can also be washed in the washing and polishing. The car can be pasted whole or in part: sills, roof, fenders, hood, trunk. Color vinyl films varied: matte black, black glossy, transparent, glitter, chameleon, carbon and white with the ability to print on it. After pasting the car body film looks spectacular and appealing. This film as well as shading if necessary we can always removed. Protect your car, and they will always look like new!