deletadas of the heads of our leaders. Since another country, so excellent how much the United States already faced a similar crisis very eats of subprime. Comovamos to show in this article, the real estate speculation was not one American invention . Japanese Atrama still more obtains to be complex of what the American. It involves: gradual deregulation of the financial controls; voluminous Japanese loans in the exterior and of the exterior for Japan; problems with the buyer’s markets Japan exported its production to other Asian countries, with the exchange crises of 97, the sales had fallen, had paralysis of investments and the inflation of loans if it transformed into an immense mountain of uncollectible credits? one tax of exchange that valued the yen – that it was of 260 for dollar in 1982 for 80, until withdrawing next to the 100; an effort of the Japanese monetary authorities to cooperate with the G-7 to decreases the tax of interests in 1980 middle, as stimulaton to the world-wide recovery; a species of indebtedness in pyramid – where the Japanese companies if they became indebted with the banks, that in turn searched resources with the Bank of Japan, that received orientation from the Ministry of the Finances; the massive presence of the Japanese state in the economy that structural corruption finished generating the creation of a species of derived from the narrow relation enters the cupola of the power politician and the great industrial and financial groups; even though the participation of the organized crime – the development of the speculative economy sheltered to the expansion of the mafioso nets, where if they interlaced gngsters, public speculators, politicians and entrepreneurs in real estate businesses, contracts, protection and industrial espionage. Comosabemos, the crises are always associates with auges of the economic cycles, generally marked for the liquidity excess and growth of the market you decapitate.