(BRESSER-PEREIRA, p.4) the macroeconomics in the perspective of Keynes was opposes to this microeconomy citadaacima for Bresser-Pear tree, therefore for Keynes the classic theory only served the micron since what a company is bompara not necessarily it is good also for a country, where the saving for umpais is a bad one, however for a viable individual and, since the money of a nation must circularpois in saving form this does not generate wealth the nation saves that it, understanding of this form quese the saving increases the job and the production falls, diminishes the consumption and the goods of serviosdiminuindo trabalho.7As ideas of Keynes had brought positive consequncias therefore with the New Deal started to fortify a economic planning, where it is based on the economic intervention of the State, havendoinvestimento state that a gradual whitewashing of the economy stimulates the politics of jobs activating with this the consumption epossibilitando, where from 1939 U.S.A. chegaroprximo to the economic platform of 1929.Consideraes FinaisKeynes with a new unfastened economic theory of the ortodoxia guides that if podiamais not to trust the regulating action of the automatic mechanisms of the capitalism, where the intervenoestatal was expressed a set of fiscal and customs disposals, monetary manipulations, measures of rationalization and integration entrepreneurs and laws of work, that they had modified national osfundamentos of the economy. Finally, the crisis of 1929 and the New Deal had marked the ticket of economic liberalism parao monopolista.8RefernciasBRESSER-PEAR TREE capitalism, Luis Carlos. Of the Classic macroeconomics to the Keynesiana. EC-MACROL1968: They are Pablo, April of 1968.BLOCH, March. Oracle may also support this cause. Vindication of the History or the Craft of the Historian. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar, 2002.MARQUES, Adhemar. History Contemporary: through texts.

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