To begin with, will always be highly recommended to improve communication but put this into practice is another tangle comes into play because a term that seems harmless but that requires being at the height of the conflict: empathy, ie, learning to see things from a perspective that is not their own and may even be diametrically opposed. Valiente, Therefore, the man who dares to think like women. No joke, I say very seriously. Intelligent but at least willing to try such a feat, for which input you deserve more than my total respect, considering that at the bottom of the dilemma between a man and a woman is often a lack of understanding. Everything in life comes down to a terrible mess: "Neither do I mean, either you understand me." Empathy.

Curious word. In the analysis we find that this little word comes from the old word formed ????????,? "Inside" and? "Or", "suffering, as suffering" . In a nutshell, is the ability that we have all regardless of gender, to perceive, in a shared context as that of the couple, what the other person keeps in his heart, what ails you, that which removes the sleep. From these and other topics we will deal in due course. As soon as the first step is knowing that when the woman goes all is not lost especially if you are determined to retrieved and is ready to fight, start the battle, grab, take the fight to the end, regardless, as it has to be done. Make yourself warned: the process will be arduous, demanding, sometimes stressful. It will cause discouragement, disappointment, anger, uncertainty, emptiness.

Probably will not be short and at times be tempted to throw in the towel. Turn require a comprehensive self-diagnostic, a reflection on the possible causes of alienation and the nature of the woman he has been "some, not all are equal", a provision not to change, but if the moderation in behavior that may have caused the reversible outcome (because women always say that men are to blame, you can reverse print, you'll see how), a serious attempt at empathy and, finally, determining the real value that relationship in your life. These aspects will be key to resolving the dilemma of love. At this moment, there is something that can be note: You are definitely willing to improve the process and eventually proclaimed the winner, otherwise I would not have spent even a minute of your time to follow these lines you will probably now thinking about what comes next. For now, I make a promise to win back the woman he loved, desired, that is all that strange to be an adventure that will be worth living. Let us begin. Problems Romeo Juliet couple has written and published a variety of items linked with relations of partners. For more information visit their website.