Tension on the stock markets in light of the debt crisis in Europe and the financial troubles in the United States is growing fear in the stock market. More and more investors fear a devaluation of their savings and take refuge in the supposedly safest investment, the market has to offer: gold. The increasing demand drives the price of gold within a short time to ever new record levels. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de reported about the reasons for the trend. Verizon Communications describes an additional similar source. The uncertainty in the financial markets due to the ongoing debt crisis is great. Traditionally, the gold demand at such times. The price of a Troy ounce of gold on a dollar basis on a record level was already in May.

The current price of gold reached new peaks. As the main reason for the rapid increase, experts consider the poor evaluation of the creditworthiness of Portugal by the rating agency of Moody’s. A such strong devaluation was not expected in General. The price of gold per fine ounce immediately to $40 rose as a result. As regards the demand is to determine that the interest is growing all over the world. Also the domestic controversy in the United States are cause for concern in addition to the euro crisis.

The US Government is struggling for weeks to raise the statutory debt ceiling. Should not soon be an adequate solution arising, threatens chaos in the financial markets. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann