Hi, Friends! Are you familiar with the feeling that when you have once again decided to change their lives, and make a decisive step towards the unknown toward a better life by crossing some invisible line in the circle – the circle a comfortable existence, you suddenly feel a vacuum around itself? Do not be mistaken if I say for you – are familiar. Remember how in the film Day Watch, the protagonist going from dusk to dusk rising higher and higher level, each time experienced during the transition running through the body cool. Here is a cool and every one of us who decided to leave the same circle of comfort. What am I doing? Yes, all the same. About eternal. You have seen and known to others. Reliable, skillful, has reached in life already some success, educated What you will now, nobody knows. And do not know because we do not hear what music is playing inside of you, what words fit this music, which horizons are revealed to you. Scott M. Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

They fear that you become a stranger. And you? You are then too scared. Because those who stayed behind, do not follow you, so do not stay with you. They do not understand you if you do not try to do it. They do not share your desire to move forward.

They prefer what is already there, what's there, though small, although its appearance but also stability. The word is a stability. It seems like the weight, but smacks of a swamp.