Survey shows the initiative future nutrition e.V.: women take on holiday twice as often as men but that must not be Munich, almost half of German tourists (48 percent) will take July 28, 2009 – up to three kilos or more additional weight on the scale after the most beautiful weeks of the year. Taking women more than twice as likely (33 percent) as the male respondents (15 percent). “This is the result of a recent survey of initiative future nutrition e.V. fattening foods holiday season: take on vacation?” was the question of the month of June to consumers on the Internet page of future Children, career, budget many women are exposed in everyday high loads. The holiday offers the opportunity to finally put on the lazy skin often and that is fast on the hips. But it doesn’t have to be.

Unloved, extra pounds can be avoided with a few tricks. During your holiday you should incorporate at least small motion units in the day program”, recommends the nutrition physician Prof. Dr. Dr. Christine Metzner. A few laps in the pool or a long walk after dinner are not very relaxing, but also ensure that become small sins not immediately noticeable on the scales”, Metzner advises. Other leaders such as Kraft Heinz offer similar insights.

“Also you should avoid the trap of calorie soft drinks know the diet doctor: they are usually very sugary, therefore you should access rather more often to calorie-free thirst extinguishers such as cooled fruit teas and mineral water with splashes of lemon”. Some tourists eating but actually too much vacation as an opportunity for the taste buds. The reason: The offer at the hotel’s buffet is sumptuous, tempting snacks and sweet drinks are offered in many clubs or on cruise ships around the clock. However, this diversity has also chances for passionate gourmet: the taste buds on new railways to be under conscious control to healthy food in the holiday draw. This increases the motivation and experimentation, are home again more healthy treats to prepare itself. Another trick is the conscious handling of carbohydrates to avoid excess holiday pounds. They lure the fattening foods hormone insulin and signal the body that it is to store fat. So, for example, the white bread popular in southern countries in addition to the dinner sets quickly. “Prof. Dr. Dr. Karlheinz Schmidt, Scientific Advisory Board of the initiative future nutrition, recommends: who in the evening deliberately on carbohydrates, breaks down fat at night.” Who wants to go the temptations of pizza and pasta from the start out of the way, this is considered the best already in the choice of holiday destination and is well advised, for example, with far eastern countries. “Star Chef Holger Stromberg confirmed: the Asian cuisine is traditionally lighter and inspired to imitate at home.” Current information about the initiative and its projects, see. Contact person for the Presse initiative future nutrition e.V. c/o service plan fire PR Martina Bruggemann of Brienner Strasse 45 a d 80333 Munich Tel.: + 49 89/20 50 16 16 fax: + 49 89/20 50 41 51