Now the company Snack Export successfully working with tm COFI-COFI, is actively being sought, and negotiations on several other fronts. For us, it is obvious that we are interesting as a distributor of brands, serving in the Ukrainian market, and we have our own strengths. First, the snack Snack Export Company operates in no less than 95% of all outlets that are present on Ukrainian territory, and secondly – covers absolutely all segments of retail outlets (wholesale, retail, vip segment and the segment HoReCa – for the last segment, we are special sales agents). We are able to cover both throughout the territory of Ukraine, and on all the channels. In addition, working with our companies, we offer the possibility of market entry of foreign economic activity (markets of Russia, , Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.). If product is interesting for us, and if the manufacturer is willing to consider the possibility of investing in the promotion of this product, we will work with them not only in Ukraine but also in other countries. Very important condition cooperation with other companies in terms of distribution, is mandatory branding manufacturer.

If we take the company and its brand name for distribution, we are not interested in selling the usual product, we are interested in selling the brand. Selling your own snack products, as we raised the goods would like to see no less strong brands, because we are interested in long-term cooperation with our partners. This is a unique and rather stringent requirement Snack Export to a company with which we work – to promote your product (this includes atl and btl and trade-events), because without the movement can not win significant market share.