It is better to send aid, although part is lost along the way. This is the conclusion that United States has reached with an eye on Somalia. The State Department has communicated to humanitarian organizations that want to operate in the South of the country that can do so without suffering sanctions despite the risk of a portion of the cake from falling into the hands of the Islamist militia of Al-Shabab, which the CIA links to Al Qaeda. Such is the crisis, we believe that it is worth the risk of any diversion of aid, reported yesterday a senior American Department that Hillary Clinton directs. Ties of Al Shabab with terrorism international and its campaign of extortion to NGOs led President Barack Obama to prohibit any shipment to Somalia that could benefit the fundamentalists on April 13, 2010. The humanitarian drama has led Washington to lift your foot from the brake. Source of the news:: EE UU allows you to bring aid to the area controlled by Somali fundamentalists