5 Star speaker and senior marketing Alexander Wild expert reveals how to correctly speak the target 60plus. Demographic change is coming, that is a fact. Every day, the pension begins for more than 2,000 people. The tendency is strongly increasing. In these years, the baby boomers reach the sixth decade of life. For 15 million people are today between 45 and 55 years old.

Therefore businesses target 60plus should set the course today and of benefit. “, it is the 5 star speaker and an expert on marketing with best Agern Alexander Wild convinced.” He passes all his knowledge in lectures. He gives clear future analyses, thereby accessing an infinite collection of exciting stories from the lived life. The marketing expert and motivational speaker specializes in seniors and undergoes daily how the so-called best agers “tick. . He understands their language and know how the dialogue at eye level, knows their needs and their market power. And wild is safe: the demographic change poses unrecognized opportunities for our country, its economy and society.” His experiences: Retirement at 67 “means more and more people must work longer.

Never elderly were as fit and healthy as it is today, and never their lifestyles differed among themselves as widely as they are today. The senior marketing there is no Alexander Wild for the keynote speakers. The still passionate about 70 tennis or golf, plays the other is already bedridden and senile. What does this mean for the economy and society? “Companies need to be set and the active and consumerist and increasingly Internet-affine best agers” speak properly and apply. To the expert for senior marketing Alexander Wild has established ten golden rules what expectations do they have and how to best reach this golden target group. It adheres to its tips, is the personal wire to the broadband cable and makes older to good customers and fans.