Heat pumps, as well as modern smoke detectors are equipped with control systems and automation, which supports the specified mode of operation of the heat pump. Energy efficiency of heat pumps depends on the temperature low-potential source, and will be higher than the higher temperature it will have. Heat pumps do not apply to low-cost equipment. The initial cost of installing these systems is slightly higher than that of normal heating and air conditioning. However, if we consider the operating costs, the initial investment in a geothermal heating, cooling and hot water to quickly pay for themselves through energy savings. Also, be aware that when using a heat pump does not require any additional communication, except for household electrical outlet.

Recommendations for the use of heat pump: When using as a source of heat energy of soil pipe, which circulates antifreeze, buried in the ground at 30-50 cm below the soil freezing in the region. The minimum recommended distance between the pipe collector – 0.8-1 m Special preparation of the soil is not required. However, it is desirable to use a site with moist soil, but if it is dry, the path needs to be done as long. Approximate value of thermal power per 1 m of pipeline, 20-30 Tues Thus, to install the heat pump output of 10 kW requires an earthen path length of 350-450 meters, which would require laying a piece of land covering about 400 m2 (20×20 m).