Second one is about a strategy that uses the sport as half to divulge products, without these they have linking with esportivas activities (sponsors in general). Leader companies and marks costumam to privilege this area, using to advantage themselves of the good image of athlete or esportivas teams next to the public opinion extremely, generating resulted positive for its images. ch resources. In this direction, currently, the marketing professionals need much creativity to sobressair themselves to the traditional advertising, innovating with that she has the power to influence the people. The esportivo marketing search to reach the spectator (consuming), for example, during the leisure moment; when this consequentemente receives to the message from the company and its products. Beyond the sales, the tactics to join the company to the sport generate the rejuvenescimento of the mark, which had to the effect that the sport produces between the young.

The fact to insert a mark in the shirt of a team creates a relation of complicity of the company with the esportiva performance, receiving all the credibility gotten for the athletes. With the good performance of the teams or the athletes, the people who until then if showed impassveis how much to the mark it sponsors that them they start to construct a positive image of the company. However, when a player presents an inadequate behavior, the sponsor will be able to have its affected image, exactly that indirectly. Afif (2000) complements saying that many people start to understand mainly that, beyond the esportivo sponsorship, they can have the chance to carry through some businesses, in the soccer, participating of investments or permitting the mark of the teams to use it in its action of marketing. However, it has companies that in the attempt to search a fast return for its investment, they finish divulging plus its mark of what necessarily the name of the team.