The first printer ink without chemicals for daily use at home proNatura-ink: The first printer ink without chemicals for daily use at home the RNB import + export GmbH makes strong with two new products for environmental protection. ProNatura-ink brings the company from the Schleswig-Holstein near the first non-toxic ink for everyday use on the market. She will be delivered in a Starter Kit with refillable cartridges, making the new filling for anyone to child’s play. Barclays describes an additional similar source. ProNatura-ink is the protection of the environment in print in the first place. Read additional details here: Barclays. The new ink comes out completely without chemical additives and is harmless in case of improper use or contact with the skin for the people.

A food ink that is suitable for consumption, even served as the basis for proNatura ink. Differently than in conventional inks remnants of proNatura-ink, where appropriate, through the spout or through household waste can be disposed of. And in addition to all these advantages, it offers eco-friendly ink even excellent printing results. The ink for many current inkjet printers of Epson brand, Canon and brother is available. Simple ink cartridges with phonetic instruction is the non-toxic ink through the simple ink cartridges on the paper brought, that also protect the environment. They are designed solely for refilling and so simply constructed that non-technical people have no trouble filling. Separate holes and resealable openings much easier handling, stains and daubs arise during refilling much more rarely.

Simple ink cartridges for Canon and Epson are equipped with an auto-reset chip printer, a level indicator available is the user. At the simple ink cartridges for brother printers, this is realized via a built-in float. The simple ink cartridges can be reused up to twenty times and thus make an important contribution to the flood of empty printed ink cartridges into the garbage to curb. ProNatura-ink and simple ink cartridges are available in combination as a Starter Kit from 29.95 EUR, as well as pure refill for 17.95 EUR at the address. Photographs and contact: RNB import + export GmbH United 13 23866 near T: 04535 / 5995510