This index is divided in three sub-indices: quality of external insertion, quality of the welfare and quality of the growth. The first one and third is below of what it can be considered adjusted. But the quality of the welfare is considered good. Thus, the quality of our development has that to improve significantly to reach one better standard of living. Improvements in the economic relations with the exterior must be implemented, in the investments in capitals physical and human, to increase the productivity of the work, to take care of more good of the ambient questions, to increase the aggregate value of the products and exported services, to raise the prices of the products and services exported in relation to the prices of the products and imported services, to increase the formalizao of the economy, to continue more firmly with the politics of incorporation of the very poor population to the society of I consume, with mechanisms that they take these people not to depend on the State for getting its incomes, among others action. The economy and its fruits cannot be interpreted as something that must only be directed for ones and others they are left of had been.

Not, the fruits of the economy must serve for the population of the country. This must be made by means of the chance equality. The people must have chance to get the incomes necessary to usufruct what the economy offers and have taken care of its necessities. The vision of our governing must is focada in the gift to take care of the urgent demands, but, at the same time, it must also is focada in actions that lead to the increase of the quality of the economic development of the city, the state and the country. The purpose of all the efforts to generate resources and wealth must be the citizen.