We can see the process of Marketing as a process of two major fronts. 1. Attracting users to its web site (outside of your web site promotion) 2. And, perhaps most important, convert to its users at Subscribers, and then click clients in this installment we will try the second point. On the contrary that many entrepreneurs believe, so that their users decide to take action on its web site (either subscribe or buy), must first be persuaded to perform an action. The Act of persuasion is the most important thing that must carry out its web site, I adelantare the following: your users will be not persuaded by a fantastic design on its web site its users will not be decided to take action on its web site because this was quickly loaded in your browser your users do not buy your product simply because it is a fantastic product, excellent quality at an unbeatable price.

No, they won’t. Of course it is important to have a professional design, a hosting service quick and efficient and is also very important that the product is excellent, but the reasons why their users if they will buy their products is as follows: your users if they decide to subscribe to your website or buy your product if they can feel identified with you and your services. Its users if decide to take action if you unable to establish trust with their words, their testimonies and narrating his own experience with the product or service offered. And above all things, its users if they will be eager to buy your product if you show him the benefits of buying it. This means that your product you must know with sufficient depth (how can selling something if we don’t know that we are selling?), if you are the owner or the creator of your own product I don’t have to remind you of this, but if you are offering affiliate programs, I recommend to you, strongly, strongly, to purchase the product that you are offering, otherwise you will not know the benefits of the same and will therefore be very difficult to realize a sale of the same. Also I must convey that the that really makes a sale, they are the words that you use in your messages, in your emails and on your web site, so it is necessary to attract, motivate, stimulate, and call to action to its users in the correct manner.