By merging of the middle class with private investors, the participation offer aimed at future-oriented investors who indirectly participate in invest, a partnership of German law, as trustor of the emissions capital of the Incas. The capital assets managing company participates directly successful medium-sized companies in Germany and in other European countries in the form of typical silent participations and partiarischer loans. With this fund concept, allows the company to raise equity capital medium-sized companies and contributes to the improvement of equity and strengthening of credit. At the same time, the proposition allows participation in high-growth companies and markets, a trust company is responsible for its care that manages the capital of investors private investors. The Inca invest Geschaftsfuhrungs GmbH acts as main distributors and Fund Manager, it manages the distribution of the shares of the Inca invest mezzanine GmbH & Co. KG.

In addition, the society for the detailed selection of the target company is responsible. The investment in the relevant companies via a multi-stage selection and testing process. While various investment opportunities before selects regularly through multiple layers of the filter until the final decision. In the framework of the preliminary assessment, criteria such as industry, region, stage of development, competition and market opportunities typically used to assess. Then be consulted various institutions including special analyses and commissioned to ensure objectivity and independence in terms of assessing quality. The potential target companies undergo a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses, which the current business operations, the positioning of the company and its products, current balance sheet ratios, and much more extensively tested to uncover possible risks, be associated with participation could.

This rating process, including preparation, analysis and evaluation phase and detailed discussions as a whole extends over several weeks and is completed with a detailed rating report, containing an internationally recognized rating classification. The overall rating results are incorporated in the Investment Committee to the draft. This examines the investment proposals submitted by the management of the Fund and shall decide, taking into account established criteria. After completion of the investment phase, the ongoing management of aim investments begins. The Inca invest Geschaftsfuhrungs GmbH carries out a continuous monitoring and observation of the target company during the term of the investments and provides current and detailed information about the economic development of the holding in the context of reporting to investors. Investors participate in a. relative to that over the entire term of the result of the Inca invest mezzanine GmbH & co. KG with a quarterly payment of 6% p. Capital contribution. The accession of investors is carried out by submitting a drawing offer based on the subscription form, which is available invest ( on the homepage of the Incas to the download.