The selection at Swarovski earrings of different sizes and colors is now huge Swarovski earrings are the perfect accessory to spice up any outfit. No matter if jeans and shirt, business dress or evening gown, they fit always. There are the Swarovski earrings in two different sizes. Either in small, then the stone has a diameter of 6mm, or in large, then the stone has a diameter of 9mm. The color palette is almost infinite. There are over sixty different nuances, you will find so the matching Swarovski earrings to any shirt or dress. Alone in the neutral area, there are very many different stones. Crystal is completely transparent and thus suits all.

This “color” acts who too hard, which can access crystal moonlight or white opal, the warmer shades are in the neutral area. Also in the range beige/Brown, is red/orange, green, or grey/black blue/turquoise, one again very many gradations. Much to recommend it, is if you Swarovski earrings exact match to the top selects, or when you’re just plain black dressed a few Swarovski earrings really stand out that, for example, in pink, grass green or in a bold Turquoise. Who not so like to sparkle like it can rely on the colors of stone with the name “opal” are all rather dull and therefore not as strong as the transparent stone colors sparkle. Also the Swarovski earrings in colors, jet, jet hematite, dorado, mint alabaster, etc. are plain and matt. The Swarovski stud earrings 6 mm are suitable also for children, they are excellent compatibility and size absolutely acceptable for children aged 6 and over.

On the besliebtesten, here are the colors of fuchsia, aqua, indicolite, hyacinth and light rose. Round Swarovski stone is held by four staples, the version as well as the rear plug are suitable from surgical steel, i.e. also for allergy-free silver plated brass, which is pin because the studs are naturally nickel-free. Due to the Swarovski ear plugs there are the Swarovski necklaces, bracelets and rings. The stones Colliers you can mix colours, so they fit more clothes, and combined with the matching and also convenient ear plugs it has several sets to choose from.