Guaymallen is part of the Argentine popular imagination thanks to the famous alfajores whose factory, certainly, is not in Mendoza. But Cuyo Department, West extension of the capital city and most populous province is distinguished by its own right for its thriving agricultural activity, shopping centers, and its attractions, as well as to accommodate much of the high-end accommodation offer in Mendoza. The main town, Guaymallen, is one of the oldest in the province and bordered with Las Heras and Lavalle, Maipu South and West, besides Mendoza capital, with Godoy Cruz. Much of the charm of the city of Guaymallen lies in its blend of tradition and modernity. The visit to the old mansions of the 19th century, among which stands out the oldest of all, Molina Pico family, dating back to 1780 and has been transformed into a Museum is obliged in the colonial part of the city. Near from there, the modern building of the Mendoza Plaza shopping invites to spend a nice afternoon shopping. Guaymallen also possesses an important complex of pools in which is not only possible to recreate and take swimming lessons: scuba diving courses are also given there. Rural tourism proclaims its presence through the countless wineries in this thriving mendocino Department, in which visitors can know all the secrets of the wine, taste the finest varietals and even decide to stay and spend your stay in Mendoza surrounded by the magical environment of vineyards.

It also has excellent educational farms for a ride with the more chiquitos family, surely enchanted with the idea of seeing close and able to caress to the animals that only known by the TV or Internet. Such is the importance of this Department of the area of the gran Mendoza, that the months of December and March celebrates its own Fiesta de la Vendimia. A true popular celebration that includes musical shows, dances, fine wines, choice of the Guaymallen Queen of vintage and all kinds of recreational and sporting activities. A stage in which Campings and accommodations of all kinds fill up, which makes it convenient to reserve hotel in Mendoza capital not to miss anything this unforgettable holiday. Jorge Alberto Guinazu