The full potential of your private cloud Dusseldorf, Germany July 9, 2013 – unleashed Synology released today 4.3 the beta of DiskStation Manager (DSM). The functional diversity from DSM 4.3 with user: An efficient, flexible and uniform storage platform A powerhouse for maximizing business productivity A smart private cloud to simplify synchronization and exchange of data A multimedia experience that is tailored to the user Practical and intuitive mobile apps “we are pleased to present DSM 4.3. DSM 4.3 paves the way for the establishment of a smarter infrastructure companies and offers a multimedia experience that is tailored to the needs of home users,”said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. In the age of big data, a more robust and reliable storage is the basis for the continued competitiveness of each company. DSM 4.3 now supports Windows offloaded data transfer (ODX), to the resource consumption of the host server to the Synology NAS to relocate and reduce the network traffic between client and server, as well as the CPU utilization.

In addition to improve large data transfer speeds in virtual and physical environments. With Synology’s unique clone technology, DSM 4.3 can achieve up to 10 times faster performance and save up to 99.9% of disk space. The SSD TRIM technology increases efficiency when writing new data and prolongs the life of SSDs. Synology high availability (SHA) provides a new administrative assistants for hardware and cluster management and supports link aggregation and VLAN. DSM 4.3 increase the operational efficiency of IT administrators and users.

For an improved exchange of data are now HFS +, NSFv4, Windows DFS links, and symbolic links supported. For an optimal use of bandwidth, IT administrators can create schedules to the bandwidth limitation and to schedule the limitation of the file transfer users, groups or applications. About also, Synology offers the ability to log with LDAP accounts from the directory server integrated in the DiskStation to Google apps as the first provider.