Lose 10 kilos! This is one of the most popular diets that exist. In fact, one of the six most popular programs for their weight loss success stories weight loss. Among the best known are the creators of Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. In his book a The Fit For Life anti-diet tell us how they arrived at a better life in all aspects. This diet is based primarily on the body’s natural cycles. They tell us in his book a Most people do not even have been aware that these cycles exist. But these cycles exist and are proven.

The human capacity to process their food is based on the efficient operation of three regular daily cycles. They tell us that these three natural cycles of food intake are: a the absorption where we use part of them, and a the assimilation the elimination. These three functions or cycles are constantly in motion and intensify in each of the times of day. From 4 am to noon: elimination (of body wastes and food debris) from noon to 8 pm: appropriation (eating and digestion) From 8 pm to 4 am: assimilation (absorption and use) So, we know that if we fight the battle against body size we have, we should be concerned to facilitate the elimination cycle, if we do, success is guaranteed, and may release the slim body that we all and every one of us inside. Being overweight lies then, we have acquired some habits that have persistently blocked the elimination cycle.

And how? Brunch-eating hearty meals, which means we spend much more time in the cycle of absorption in the disposal. How to lose those 10 extra kilos? The secret is to get rid of toxic waste eating these foods according to each cycle of the body, give a balanced metabolism. We then eat fruit and only fruit until noon time, never mix proteins and carbohydrates and finally have dinner as early as possible. So we will be helping and fulfilling the laws of our natural hygiene.