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Mannheim Harbour

‘Young issuer market experienced management’ describes the recognized Fund analyst Karsten Ewert the background of eco-energy of Environment Fund 1. And right behind the Fund concept is not only a proven and innovative project, which in the future an essential part of our waste problems could be remedied. With characters, Dipl.-ing. Norbert Dinter and Oskar of von Schickh, as Acting Director of the Bremen-based Ventafonds, experienced partners have also joined in their areas. So headed Dinter several large-scale projects, including well-known manufacturers in the German automotive industry and Oskar Edler von Schickh has more than 20 years experience in the financial services market and has issued three further investments.

With the eco-energy of Environment Fund 1, four plants for the conversion of plastic waste in product oil financed in Mannheim Harbour, which output quality and composition corresponds to the standard heating oil. This is a capital of 26.8 Millions of dollars are raised. A reference system already exists in the Switzerland and runs for approximately four years. The results of the continuous operation were confirmed according to prospectus also through analysis of the DEKRA\”, Ewert. As a partner, Dinter chose for the implementation of this recycling plant and Schickh is the plant manufacturer NILL-TECH, a company specialized since 1992 in the area of wastewater and recycling. The manufacture of the product oil will be based on the proprietary SYNTROL technology. \”\” With this initial situation, Fund analyst keeps Ewert that that the site is well chosen \”and a letter of intent was signed with all relevant partners\”.

For Ewert appear as a whole quite favorable\”therefore the prospects of the Fund despite the risk of project development. The bottom line he forgives an A-for the Fund and (very good) a particularly good for a relatively young emission assessment. The quality is also clear when one considers the economic opportunities. Sun highlights Ewert, that not only the land option was backed up, but there is a fixed price and warranty of the manufacturer for the creation of plants.

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Center Software

Exactly the solution that the customer needs format-4 offers customized CNC solutions for individual requirements and follows as the business principle: the customer exactly the machine to offer, that he just needed. The simulation of customer operations in a format 4-Technology Center enables an optimal needs analysis for precise machine concepts. From the compact Korpusfertigungs-CNC c express 920 over the space-saving nesting CNC profit H08 until down to the 5-axis CNC profit H50 format-4 has always the best solution for efficient furniture, window and door manufacturing. Numerous equipment packages, Konsolensteuerungs variations and sizes to complement the large range. The customer is best prepared for all challenges the perfect woodworking with a perfectly coordinated complete package from perfect advice, individual machine configuration and specially developed software as well as delivery, installation and service. The premium brand of the fields group meets the highest expectations since 2001 professional craft, commercial and industrial users. True to to offer everything from one hand the guiding principle, the fields group developed CNC machines in combination with the appropriate software for Professional woodworking of class.

Machine and software from a single source for the optimization of productivity and efficiency must harmonize perfectly machine and software, many interfaces by various vendors often complicate this interaction. With the all-out of-hand solutions by format-4 programming becomes child’s play: with the intuitive programs WoofFlash, Flash3D and FlashFrame manages the planning, programming and implementation of furniture, Windows or doors in the blink of an eye. The tried and tested for many years and developed in the home fields software solutions offer rapid programming and high automation options, a variety of Nestinganwendungen, as well as bar-code links for networked workshops for easy and efficient programming. Neuc-express 920 no more half measures corner joints and Rows of holes in body parts are always a challenge to traditional drills.

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Marketing GmbH

EMS specialist premieres on the SMT hybrid packaging 2012 in Nuremberg its exhibition premiere Wolnzach / Rohrbach (mh) – total for Waltron electronic device construction D. Walter GmbH: on the SMT hybrid packaging from 8 to 10 may 2012 in Nurnberg the specialist for the production of industrial electronics for the first time ever on a large international exhibition presents itself. And not only that: also a marketing campaign in a completely new corporate design will provide for a strong presence of the company. Created and realized she was advertising & Marketing GmbH, in whose hands Waltron has now placed the entire marketing of the ADVERMA. There have located two sought and found. As a company that enjoys an excellent reputation in the electronics industry, Waltron wished for a marketing partner who bring relevant experience and can use all channels of communication.

A profile that is tailored exactly to the ADVERMA resident of the greater Munich area advertising & Marketing GmbH (www.adverma.de): You has become in the last Years to one of the leading advertising agencies in Bavaria in the field of technology develops and adjusts as new customer as Waltron goes perfectly in the concept. Both companies have in their new collaboration yet another crucial interface: the strict quality philosophy. Waltron covers the complete range of electronic manufacturing services from a single source. At the company headquarters in the upper Bavarian market Wolnzach, equipped the EMS service provider boards and manufactures high-quality industrial electronics (assemblies and devices) with State of the art technology and 125 highly qualified employees in the sales order. The numerous Waltron customers by the engineering firm to the large corporation come predominantly from the sectors of information and telecommunications technology (ICT), energy, measurement and control technology, medical technology, air – aerospace, control technology and automotive. 2009 completely new production building and rooms on an area of about 2500 square meters could be obtained.

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Managing Director

German farmers to invest more in the future significantly – in particular in renewable energy since 2007 two biogas plants by WELtec commissioned Disna, the locations of new village and Wusteney, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in the agrarian society. In May 2010, the third biogas plant construction had begun; Commissioning was in July. The fourth WELtec plant is already contracted, and the approval procedure. We saw the bio-gas plants operating at that time as an opportunity as well as arable and forage production, pig production as well as milk and fattening beef production, to tap into a lucrative business and thus also jobs”explains Torsten Zahn, the Managing Director of the agrarian society. “This is true even today, and therefore the energy production will be expanded: biogas is our profitabelster area at the moment and we were no good entrepreneurs, if this branch would not grow”, justified the investments dental.

The new biogas plants integrated in a young cattle plant at the site of Disna are almost identical with the existing: 500 kilowatts of power, a cubic foot of 192 large template container and two fermenters each with 2000 cubic meters. A 4500 cubic metres-large gas-tight end, however, is new. “Then as now convinced us the overall concept of the WELtec BioPower: reduction of necessary technology, which is high quality and functional fitted: a functional block of the pumps, a stable and easy-to-use control and two ignition Jet engines”, Torsten Zahn says. During the start-up phase the responsible of the agrarian society felt well supported. With the biologists by WELtec we voted together the rising feeding (maize silage, pig and cow manure) and the heating up of the plant during the start-up phase.” In addition, WELtec convinced stainless steel with the material used: generously sized stainless steel fermenters, solid-fuel dispenser with stainless steel the entire feed entry as well as a template container made of stainless steel clad, to largely automate the feeding. With a continuous expansion of combined heat and power plants should be even more profitable. In new village, the Melkhaus was already connected last winter to the waste heat from the CHP. There, about ten percent of the accumulating heat are used. In Wusteney currently still no heat is dissipated, the sow stall is to be integrated in the near future but. The third plant conduction that is placed and should with heat in the coming winter in the Office and workshop tract.

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Paul Hartmann Group

In addition, Paul Hartmann France decided in the future (BI) Transwide to insert from the business intelligence solution. This solution provides analyses, statistics and charts at set time intervals, which are needed for the optimisation of transport management and the cost-optimized handling of urgent shipments. Fabrice mast confirmed: the TMS Transwide solutions are increasingly used in the Paul Hartmann Gruppe. More than one hundred of our employees work daily now. The SaS mode TMS by Transwide is modular and expandable and accompanies us in all stages of the development and optimization of our transport chain.” Transwide solution as a basis for transport control when Paul Hartmann Transwide is today solid and integral part of the upstream supply chain at Paul Hartmann France and provides for the improved management and planning of 100% of the daily receipts from production plants, suppliers and Dealers. The 2010 selected Transwide solution combines three modules: twCall-off the transport orders via the Internet delivers.

twSlot is designed for the time-window management via Internet portal. And about the twSlot partner site unlisted forwarders and suppliers can arrange appointments for Paul Hartmann sites. The results speak for themselves: the TMS by Transwide optimized not only immediately all administrative tasks, because media breaks are eliminated, but also provides a meaningful overview of the actual flows of goods a day when Paul Hartmann France. So the daily receipts of over 30 trailers and cargo of over 80 trucks can be optimally managed. The Transwide solution works thanks to the bi-directional integration in the information system of the Paul Hartmann Group also in perfect symbiosis with the SAP ERP system of the company. About SAP, approximately 20 to 30 are depending on the volume of delivery required for a given day the day before Transport requests created automatically transmitted the corresponding carriers over the Internet (twCall-off); E-Mail notifications are unnecessary. The carriers then schedule their delivery via the Internet portal using the module twSlot depending on the available or requested times (morning, afternoon, or exact time) or the delivery specifications (particular buildings or certain ramp).

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Amtex Oil & Gas: Oil Extraction Have Profitable Trade In

Admitted, the headline of this article is provocative and everyone will think of considering: of course, what else? Dallas, 15.07.2013. Because what can be gained not profitable, is inevitably not enforce, or to pull such high prices that many consumers may be overwhelmed. What is it about? The U.S. Department of energy (EIA) has recently raised their estimates of the world’s recoverable oil reserves by at least 11 percent. As a reason, it is called in particular, that the world’s oil shale resources are taken into account for the first time. Expressed in figures she estimated EIA that slumber still 345 billion barrels (each 156 liters) in the Earth. That would be enough according to optimistic estimates to meet the world demand for oil for ten years but on the State of today’s consumption. But this miraculous increase is actually only on paper, apart from at least notable productions in the United States.

Because the largest deposits, so should, for example, in Russian Earth 75 billion barrels lie, must to a large extent only still be found by tapping the speech should not even be at this point. There would be an advantage however: would all shale deposits from the Earth is caught, the sphere of influence of currently exporting petroleum countries (OPEC) could sink, because only at point 5 is an OPEC country with 26 billion barrels with Libya. But so far are topics of this kind of pie in the sky. And some countries fundamentally reject the need for extracting shale oil fracking for environmental reasons. This operation sand and water the slate must be broken using chemistry, first, to reach the valuable raw materials. That this not particularly environmentally friendly sounds, can you imagine with a little imagination. And promoting not just cheap also. According to estimates, the cost in the United States are currently at 50 to 80 dollars per barrel.

Perhaps this is also a reason why the OPEC States maintained the high production volumes and by doing so push on the price. Ever more namely whose influence on the world market, the better they can take influence on the ultimate consumer price. The air for possible actions is manageable at a price of approximately US$ 100 per barrel of Brent. Why you should throw his eyes always on conventional productions. There are a variety of manufacturing sources that are in private hands in the United States. These opportunities also for private investors, even if it involves technical optimizations or the expansion of existing horizontal wells in the vertical. Is a company that accompanies this business for many years, the energy company Amtex oil & gas (Amtex oil & gas). Be purchased on the basis of sound advice selected petroleum or natural gas sources in the United States. Amtex oil & gas offers investments for private investors do this, that directly benefit from the sale of oil or natural gas. For more information,

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MCM Investor: Investors In The Cards

A recent study by the DG HYP has revealed that in addition to the growth market of Berlin real estate to other East German locations again increasingly demand. Magdeburg, 27.05.2013 – many East German towns have overcome the descent and are on the rise. The East German Federal States, the capital of Berlin, as well as the cities of Chemnitz, Dresden, Erfurt, Halle, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Rostock and Schwerin were investigated. “The good development of the Berlin real estate market has reached even East German cities,” says Dr. Georg Reutter, CEO of DG HYP. The West German compared low price level and better economic conditions offer opportunities for investment. Nine percent of the East German population including Berlin’s have migrated to West Germany after the reunification.

This trend has slowed in the past years or stabilized, and filmed mainly in the big cities. This is the population in almost all cities examined in the study over the past five years again increased. This positive development in Dresden and Leipzig is especially clear to watch. The economic situation has improved in the East German cities as a whole and thus also the conditions for real estate, especially in the housing market. Given the predominantly positive population development and the limited supply of housing is to go out by rising rents in the East German cities in good locations. 2013, the Prime rents in the average 2.3 percent are likely to rise. Also the persons in charge of MCM investor Management AG (MCM AG) see good prospects for investors in East German cities. The sites are becoming stable real estate markets, popular, young and dynamic student town with a high quality of life.

The management of the Magdeburg-based MCM Sachwert concepts AG & co. KG can refer market experience on over 13 years, whose statements have stock in this respect. The capital market issuance were accompanied by three closed-end real estate funds, already successful was the design and marketing of 67 major real estate involved and participated in the marketing of over 2,000 condos. The various real estate projects all feature a convincing residential output, high rental levels, good to very good rental yields and a great individuality from. The city Palace on place Lessing in Magdeburg is just one of many impressive and promising projects in the company’s portfolio. The dream of homeownership is entitled, and yet many people think not to be able to realize it. Real estate as a direct investment is costly. But the MCM investor management allows a wide target group of investors access to the attractive real estate business: you profit participation rights as assets offers, which the investors can indirectly benefit from the high chances of the real estate market. This participation enables investors to participate in already with manageable monthly savings rates or with one time amounts indirectly on the real estate market. Rights offer for all Involved, if fair, attractive opportunities”, it is out of the House. On the one hand, they offer an alternative to financial investment option for citizens who want a better interest rate than, for example, when a bank deposit. In addition to the current preferential interest, there is even a profit-dependent part is usually used in models of this type.

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Frankfurt Stock Exchange

IPO possible in August – offer period can start August 10, 2012 Berlin / Gdask August 1, 2012; The BundesInvest AG specializes in the sales and consulting by radioactive end products starts with the marketing of their shares. After the conversion to an AG in Gdansk, the company presents national and international investors in London his concept in the next few days. The market gap is filled by us and we are pleased by the positive response,”explains founder and CEO Dr. Igor Imanov. Due to the dominance of the financial site and the locations locally, BundesInvest AG is limited to a presentation in London and apart from a roadshow in other financial centres.

The pricing is based on the method of the decoupled pricing (so called decoupled approach”). The price range is set towards the end of the investor presentation here. After the three-day price determination procedure starting at the earliest on August 10, 2012 takes place (accelerated bookbuilding”). The IPO (initial public offering) of BundesInvest AG is possible in principle still in August 2012. Based on the current share capital of 5.863.450 shares includes planned up to 2.834.375 shares of BundesInvest AG and consists of a public offer in the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as intra – and extra-European private placements. Up to 800,000 of the offered shares come from a capital increase against contributions in cash.

Up to 1.568.730 of the offered shares come from the property of losing shareholders, consisting of the two founding members of the company. Also, additional allocations can be made of up to 343.875 shares of the company from the ownership of the shareholders (associated with a so-called GreenShoe option). BundesInvest AG shares will be traded under the ticker symbol BII and the ISIN PL0005217110 in the amtlicher Markt (Prime Standard) on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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