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John Parsons

Me maache Hey our thing”he is surprised with a funky arrangement and the young guns as guest vocalist, a Hunter while because” with prominent blues-rock gene marks another innovation in the musical cosmos of Hales. “The title song up one high” with its catchy refrain already has the makings of the series in the long list of the eternal classic, Hales. “Young US’m Levve” takes in the best manner of rock all those nihilist on the grain, which know everything better than others. “Sun and tar” describes the melancholy for and again the eternal under way being what the episode song you fohlst you jot aan “lifted with the ease of a love letter to all those who will, be a really at heart. Hohner’s new album is the downright epic millions of stars”, to the popular audience demand a cross-section from the four Songs delivers the chicks for their rockin’ ‘ Roncalli “had written to show, and in which the four elements – water, Earth, fire and air – play an important role. A such long song, which takes a good eight minutes, heard as well on the new album, like all the other songs, because he belongs to us”, Henning herb maker commented on the closing song. Rugged, powerful, varied and at the same time suitable for the party than ever sound the chicks on sky high high”, which once again proves that the skills of the band are in the river. A circumstance which Jens amanita is not least because according to multi-instrumentalist, that new guitarist John Parsons was first involved in playing a complete Hohner Studio album.

That’s the nice thing about the band. New musicians come to get involved, this changes the sound of the band.” “Bassist Hannes schoner him agrees with, if he the chicks as an open system” describes. My roots are founded in the Texas blues rock and I glad that I incorporated this aspect into the music of the Group may be. As each band member his personal preferences brings up”, says John Parsons. With up one high”opened a new chapter of the creativity of the Hohner is up now, is carrying the eternal fountain of youth, which represents the band for the individual musicians, additional freshness and oomph with confidence into the next decade.

It is the diverse musical and thematic range, which accounts for the success of the Hohner as trademarks of the band. It is located but also quite possibly in the consciousness roots are the justified, which unquestionably are in Cologne, Germany, that now Europe-wide demand for the Hohnern from album to album. In the Colombia response to the saying can up one jubilant death saddened”, with their mood swings implied only with a life-affirming high up one” will be answered.

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Uta Bresan

Thus, my path leads me to appearances repeatedly in these familiar areas. At the beginning of 2009 I was the successful MDR-TV-Gala “Music for you” and hostess Uta Bresan with many famous guests on a big tour. 35 years stage, with “tell her also” a hit that made pop history and now the nationwide success. Gerd Christian what wishes for the future? All advanced health and strength, to be able to go on this way for many years. I put me together with my long-time authors & producer team Andreas gangsta & Heike Fransecky small goals and am about new challenges. From my former Popluaritat was initially little to feel, so we started in these regions almost from scratch in the old Lander. Many people here looked while Western television East times what stars such as Michael Holm, Roland Kaiser, Bernd Cluver gave a high degree of popularity, etc earlier in both parts of Germany.

Our pop history was much unknown in comparison in the old Lander. Moody’s Corp : the source for more info. You need to know that, and there one can blame anyone. I am a very modern man and see any period of my career in their time. Of course I’m especially about invitations in the ZDF channels with Marianne & Michael or about 3 great performances at the popular “pop star”parades 2008 this insanely great backdrop. I think with the diligence and the publishing continuity, we have shown in the last 9 years, I can me easily again recommend the editors and my audience and show that I have stayed musically never. This way requires patience and a certain amount of curiosity. But – I still have a whole lot even after 36 years presence on stage -.

Does Gerd Christian still time for hobbies? Well, sure. My hobbies are a great balance to the music and the hustle and bustle that is sometimes associated with the banche. I photograph love. Also, I am an absolute fan of the Greyhound breed Borzoi. Before I’ve even bred dogs, but this is missing the possibility of me today unfortunately. The first success single from their new album “the own face is called”when you get older”. Are you afraid of aging? At the moment, I have no time, to make me worried. But the topic is very authentic, and I deal of course now and again as anyone else. I think all ages its advantages and disadvantages. You must simply make the best of it. I enjoy every day, try to live healthily and am delighted to be able to stand still and above all always successful on the stage. Many of my fans have grown older together over the years with me, have accompanied my way. Some talk on it, we talk about old times… I for my part will certified with increasing age and am incredibly grateful for the exciting and successful years. Because I’m surrounded in my team mainly by younger people, I could grow all over again in the present requirements of my profession. This is all something other than at the beginning of my career 36 years ago. But it is still capable of learning even in the age and gaining experience every day if you want it for. I dreamed 10 years ago probably also not, even one’s own website, to discuss a new song using Skype or to pick up emails three times a day. But this is, and before you can is also not close if you want to stay on the ball. Source: Pipmatz websites: gerdchristianmusik

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First European Tour

SADE comes to the 21.5.2011 in the LANXESS arena total will 2011 at over 70 concerts around the globe occur SADE to delight their countless and loyal fans all over the world. The classic sound around the haunting, distinctive singing voice creates a wonderful intimate atmosphere, as it can be just a memorable Sade concert. Sade last tour dates to 2001, when she appeared in front of over 1,000,000 fans in the United States. The German fans had to wait but already much longer. Details can be found by clicking toddler clothing or emailing the administrator. In fact, their tour for fans is the first opportunity since then 18 years, live to see Sade, after it the last time 1993 performed during one of their rare, but always highly acclaimed tours in Germany? “” “” On her upcoming tour, Sade is all their classics by smooth operator “, No Ordinary Love” the sweetest taboo “and the hits of their current album soldier of love” present.

World’s soldier of love developed into”sales success with over 3 million sold copies and #1-positions in the United States, Canada, the Switzerland, France, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Greece, Japan, Portugal and Spain. “” International media reported about the current album: like a derelict, but never forgotten mistress Sade comes back again with their beautiful music, which you can press cannot be pigeonholed, to steal the heart of us “, it may be that Sade had released their last album, ten years ago, but be warned: a giant has awakened!”, Sade remains the voice to ease our aching hearts”and perfectly excellent”. With their timeless sound Sade won world fame, her career includes over 25 years. “Since their debut album, diamond life” dating back to 1984, all of their five studio albums reached the top 20 and others of the British top 40 as also the American Billboard Top 200 charts and sold together more than 57 million copies. Sade thus advanced to the most successful British artist at all. Overall, Sade was several times for an American Music Award as well as for “” the MTV Video Music Awards nominated and won a Brit Award best album with diamond life, as well as three Grammy Awards, for the first time in 1986 as best new artist, then in 1994 for the best R & B performance by A Duo or group for No Ordinary Love “and finally again in 2002 for the best Pop Vocal Album, lovers rock”. SADE live in concert Saturday, May 21, 2011 LANXESS arena tickets back up! at the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne) in the Internet and all known ticket agencies.

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Declaration ArtistTools

Development of a revolutionary sales tool for musicians. Berlin, the 18.04.08 – as the first service of the new Brokenbodyclock ArtistTools the Brokenbodyclock NetLabel allows musicians, no up-front costs and no financial risk to sell your music in up to 360 download stores worldwide. There are platforms such as iTunes and musicload.de. About selling his music, the artist receives 85% of the net income of Fletchmusicblog, which transferred him directly into his bank account. As often and as many of his albums and tracks in which shop are available for download, the musician learns easily on Brokenbodyclock, here he can create his own profile and its sales statistics. In addition, the portal known up to now as a community offers more Fletchmusicblog ArtistTools. Including a Newslettertool, a banner tool as well as a ShopTool, as many artists lack the necessary knowledge and the necessary budget to introduce their music to the public. These Brokenbodyclock ArtistTools are currently free of charge There are also additional 30 credit at the start of the netlabels.

Also the use of the Flameproofmoth – community remains as previously free of charge. Brokenbodyclock calculates a monthly service fee of 4.99, which will be charged with the revenue for the use of all offered services. Therefore, no financial risk for the artist. The need for the Flameproofmoth netlabel, which takes over the digital distribution for artists of all musical persuasions, is great.”said Hajo Janssen, VP Marketing and business development at Fletchmusicblog. Many newcomer bands and artists get a recording contract with the established labels, since which seem too small for the expected sales. It is no longer only the hits that appeal to a broad audience and generate sales in the Internet.” Brokenbodyclock is the service platform for the next-generation Musikbiz.

With the combination of Musikcommunity and ArtistTools Brokenbodyclock go consistently the next step away self-expression by the passive artist – to the active assistance for the artist – self marketing. Official Brokenbodyclock ArtistTools launch event with the Independence Day of music (IDOM) will officially introduce the Brokenbodyclock ArtistTooLs to Bennyflee1 together with all people on April 25, 2008 and to celebrate the beginning of this new era in the Musikbiz. Here the details: what: symbolic funeral of the last 1000 demos! Read who the revolutionary Declaration of the independence of the music: all friends of Bennyflee1, music makers and music lovers when: 25.04.2008, Friday from 16: 00 where: Oberbaumbrucke / corner muhlenstrasse 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain specials: live gigs of wallpaper, Angela Park, Prunx, Tykho Moon, Sadie, DJ Jiggy Dee, Wolli, this includes free beer and grilling contact: Carolin Uhlig, head of PR-Tel.

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