These cumulative actions are processed as a single process in shape and are resolved jointly in a single sentence. Ericsson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 1.2 Classification we can classify the accumulation in: 1.2.1. Objectively there is accumulation accumulation objective when in the process demands more than one pretense. E.g.: Avoidance of contract more compensation for damages. a native claims objectively accumulation this institution occurs when there are more than two claims in the presentation of the petition. The provenance of this kind of accumulation of claims requires that such claims are not contradictory to each other, unless they intend to Alternatively, or subordinate.

One of the essential elements for the provenance of the accumulation, is that there is connectivity between these claims. There is connectivity between the claims when there are common elements between the different claims to accumulate or at least related elements between them (Art. 84 C.P.A.). The accumulation of claims objectively, is originally, when in a demand proposed two or more claims and is rolling, when proposed or integrate further claims after the beginning of demand, generally claims that integrate to extend or modify the demand. (Art 83 C.P.A.). The law allow the successive accumulation of claims especially that integrates legitimated third parties that integrate their own pretensions in the course of the process. As for the accessories, you can integrate even until the day in which the conciliation hearing occurs. Requirements-Are objective accumulation of claims, the following requirements: (Art.

85 C.P.C). (1) That the claims fall within competence of a judge himself. (2) Non opposites together, unless they are either subordinate or alternative proposals. (3) That they are tramitables in a same procedural route. The law sets the exceptions in the application of these requirements of the accumulation of claims. Undue accumulation of claims generates demand inadmissible, envisaged in the Inc. 7 of article 427 of the code procedure Civil, by being considered as a requirement of the merits of the case.