* What to do with his peers? There will be hell to pay, and sexual pleasure is very reasonable. Another thing – a woman: she is his and feed, and watered, and teach all over the bed, it comes out of it in every way satisfied, plus the already trained the necessary literacy. In my opinion, he just lucky. Or she was twenty, he was – thirty-five. In many cultures it was considered the optimum ratio of ages! Drawn to its freshness, youth (see, by the way, personal crises), it is not so hot, but tender. It needs now is a tenderness, and his life experience and reliability will be for her support. Of these pairs make good family.

Another common disharmony temperament is not related to age and individual constitutional characteristics. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Confluence Investment Management LLC. In many ways, sexual temperament and intensity of sexual life of men depends on its innate characteristics. Rather arbitrary distinction strong, medium and weak type. Strong type: libido wakes up early, ten years, growing rapidly, accompanied by the onset of sexual excesses (8-12 attacks per day. Excesses, the so-called "sexual excesses" – is absolutely normal. If a man can – it is not exhausted.

And if he is exhausted – he can not. And it will not.), Then normal daily intercourse, most rapid ejaculation. An active man, he will be for many years. Weak type: sex drive wakes up late, by the age of sixteen, youthful excesses are mild (maximum of 4.2 sexual act per night), he was fine – once a week, and even less reduction in sexual activity begins earlier.