This unique selling point of to almost all others on the market of operating insurance experts assures our customers. the best and especially favourable offers and results” Currently, there are only about 150 authorised insurance advisor, but more than 400,000 classic insurance broker in Germany. Many customers contact us, to make even critical to check your existing insurance coverage. As insurance consultants our special strength then unnecessary insurance, disproportionate amounts of the insured, any insurances, unattractive produced mainly by the terms and conditions insurance to detect and eliminate.” After cancellation, sale or free position to recommend then cost-efficient and thus more powerful insurance customers. Stephanie Lehmann because eingepreiste commissions and stock payments, by means of the new transparency rules since 1 July 2008 clearly identifiable, go at the expense of the insurance benefit and so the customers themselves lost.”performs. A couple presented us with for example insurance with annual total contributions of 7,300 euros to the test. Recently Bill O’Grady sought to clarify these questions. Under disposal two insurances and the use of alternative insurance rates we achieved a contribution savings of around 2,200 euros.” Particularly positive effects get in building or at the completion of insurance coverage: here we can with the new fees and net fares of established Submit best offers to insurance companies, from which all commissions are out. “Recently, we have for a professional beginner upon the completion of the disability insurance (monthly fee around 100 euros; 40 years maturity) actual cost savings – already taking full account of our fee – amounting to around 2,500 euros realized.” explains Ulf Niklas.

The model of the honorary Advisory is a sensible, fair and forward-looking approach given the high demand for advice in complex financial topics such as about the retirement plans. The best chances of success as a financial services provider who is positioned at an early stage convincingly and in the shaping and the customer address systematically takes into account the wishes of the customer,. “Finanzmarktforschungs expert at the psychonomics AG commented also Stefan Heinisch, At first but the citizens wished one thing above all: more information and transparency in the area of consulting services. And exactly for this purpose We stand with our advice and our consulting model.”performs Stephanie Lehmann. Cost transparency, the customer is finally aware that his previous, just only supposedly free advice from his former adviser is not actually free of charge. Almost inevitably ensuing comparison shows then that the honorary advice very often is the much cheaper and higher quality due to their independence option.”