By own experience I say to you, that tendency is for always. I know that to be against to the call of our body to those forms of sexuality it is a very but very heavy load. But you can obtain it, if you are decided, because you have the sufficient force; God never gives a load you, or you go away with a load, without darte the force sufficient to surpass it. And you have the sufficient force for oponerte to the call of your deformed sexuality. Often I listened to say that to be against to the sexual call, is troglodytic, unnatural, masochistic, or dyed of medieval prejudices. I say to you on the contrary, that the dominion of your mind and your will on your instincts and your senses does more man to you, more human; and that the dominion of your instincts and your senses on your mind and your will does more animal to you. Also I say to you that if you decide to leave homosexuality, you will have to free a permanent fight, every day, every moment, until the end of your life. Exactly like whatever it wants to leave a vice.

And that just by your forces you could return to fall, but constantly you request the aid of God, it will increase the force to you and you will be able to win whenever you are in danger to fall. And, until you will find the true pair with which God created to you, and will have the family who corresponds to your destiny. Dear son, I request pardon again to you by not to have been better father, and I repeat to you that I love you with all the forces of my heart. God bless you so that you find the light that takes to you towards him, your true father, and can bring forth of your heart much love; in the first place towards same you, so that you want for you the most valuable treasure that he exists: The sky, same God.