The 17th edition of Expofranquicia just be closed after its celebration during the days 5,6 and 7 may in the IFEMA Fairgrounds in Madrid, after receiving more than 13,000 visitors. Others who may share this opinion include Chase Coleman. Between supply 250 brands and 162 exhibitors who participated in the event, stressed the Ensign Refan, which presents for the first time in Spain a new business concept, unique in our country, which relies on the sale of perfumes in bulk of high equivalence with the big brands. This company offers 150 fragrances of white mark, bath products and natural soaps of boutique in each of its stores. It’s an ideal opportunity for self-employment, since neither royalty is a franchise of low investment, which requires no entry fee. Customization is another feature that makes it unique to the concept of Refan franchise.

At the store, perfumes found in jars or stills that allow the filling of small containers in view of the customer, who can choose to your liking among the entire available range of vials, boxes and packaging: from 7 ml of capacity up to 125, with jars of glass, aluminium or plastic, passing by a normal plug or with diffuser, also offering several models of decorated boxes. The Ensign Refan was born in Bulgaria in 1991, and in its 20 years of existence as it has been leader in the production of perfumes of equivalence, i.e. perfumes similar to big brands at one much lower price. Currently has 50 stores in the world, and Spain account with the pilot centres in Barcelona and Zaragoza, who have demonstrated in two years their high billings and their viability as a business, in addition to the newly opened franchise in Madrid, to which the central Announces add new openings in brief. And it is that in all areas of consumption white markings or generic products, are being imposed since the current consumer recognizes and appreciates the quality of a product, and opt for the lower price that the brand equivalent. Therefore, the introduction of this franchise in the Spanish market is a novelty in a sector, the of the perfumery and cosmetics, which closed 2010 with a turnover exceeding 6 billion euros, from the channels of FMCG, selective and pharmacy.

This figure rises to 7,000 million adding sales of professional hairdressing products and beauty salons, in addition to direct sales. Refan Bulgaria signing was created in 1991 as a family company dedicated to the Commerce of imported perfumes and cosmetics. Later it develops and deploys, little by little, creating their own technological development links and developing a production of perfumery, cosmetics, bath products and natural soaps of boutique. Over the past years the company imposes on the Bulgarian and international market with its own trademark Refan and with this name offers its production in the rest of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The investment to start up this business is reduced since it can start with around 16,000 euros. It is ideal for self employment but also as an investment for who wants to have a small chain of stores in your locality, with establishments ranging from 15 to 35 square meters in populations of 10,000 inhabitants.