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IPad Apps

There are currently more than 75,000 applications for the tablet of Apple. Many writers such as David Rogier offer more in-depth analysis. iPad has few applications installed by defect. To them it is necessary to add the compatibility to him with than 124,000 the more available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The tablets that compete with iPad of Apple. To day of today, to choose between more than 75,000 native applications for iPad, plus the 124,000 available for iPhone and iPod Touch, compatible with this tablet (they use the same operating system) can have to the user hours and hours knowing them and choosing which yes which not to install. For this reason, from Consumer they offer a list with ten interesting gratuitous applications for the tablet of Apple: iBooks: it allows to manage a document library in pdf and to accede to gratuitous books to be in public dominion.

In addition, the Kindle application is interesting for iPad, to also acquire electronic books in the Amazon store and free and gratuitous works of public dominion. alth News, who has experience with these questions. In order to have gratuitous works they are, in addition, the applications Wattpad and Stanza (also reader), that qualifies the access to more than 100,000 works. Flipboard: it allows to select the best sources of intelligence of the contacts in social networks (Facebook or Twitter) in platforms like Flickr or Google Reader. Also it has own channels according to diverse categories, like the news, technology or fashion. A similar application is Zite that allows to create a customized magazine with the news that can more interest and has to him own channels, to which the users can be subscribed. Dictation dragoon: it records the voice of the user it transcribes and it in text. Twitter for iPad: official application of Twitter for this tablet.

Friendly: it allows to manage the account of the social network Facebook of the users, to accede to chat of Facebook, the notifications of birthday or a manager of photographies (gratuitous version and of payment exists, this with more services). Dropbox: for the storage (up to two gigabytes) of documents in ‘ nube’. Especially interesting for that they need to have synchronous documents between several apparatuses or to accede from any place to personal his repositorio of archives. PlainText: in order to take notes or to write texts. The documents written with the application can be sent later by electronic mail. Another one of its options is an accountant of words and characters. A payment version exists that eliminates the publicity of the part inferior of the application. Remote: in order to control of remote form from iPad the program iTunes of a computer or the Apple device TV. SoundHound: it allows the users to know the title and author a song just by to cause that the application listens to a short fragment of the same (even if tararea correctly). Apps Promo: One is in charge to present/display the most interesting applications at every moment in the store of iTunes. Source of the news: : Some of more interesting the gratuitous applications for iPad of Apple.

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Tuesday Investors

After the opening in negative, the selective one of Frankfurt had obtained some gains in the first compasses of the negotiation but the losses prevailed again in less than one hour by tenth consecutive day. The fall intensified in just a short time in stock-market of Frankfurt, where the 30 companies that integrate DAX 30 have lost around 25% of their value in these ten negotiations, a quarter. All the values of the DAX 30, that groups to the majors German companies, fell with force. The Asian markets fell but of more moderate form: there are Seng of Hong Kong closed a fall of 5.66%, the Nikkei of Tokyo closed with a reduction of of 1.68% and the general index of stock-market of Shanghai was not infected of the falls in other Asian markets and concluded in tables (-0,03%). The cause: panic to the recession the Spanish market registered one first hour of very positive negotiation, with a bullish opening in almost half point and later ascents of almost 2%, since the investors bought with estusiasmo, animated by the low resulting prices of the crashes that have stuck stock-market Spanish in the last days. Nevertheless, the joy lasted little and hardly one hour after the opening, the main Spanish indicator changed of sign and one surrendered to the new big wave of panic that crosses the markets by the possibility that the USA between again in recession after S&amp agency; P would reduce the qualification to him of their debt to AA+. For the director of the Capital Atlas, Felix Lopez, the fear of the investors note mainly in which in the last days not only it is undergoing the quote of the financial sector but is falling industrial values like the one of the automobile, and when that happens the explanation she is simple: panic to the recession. For this expert, at the moment it is necessary to have calm and to return to the fundamental ones from the companies, many of which are to really attractive prices that had made send themselves to the market to many investors in other circumstances.

' Monday negro' IBEX 35 lost the past day 2.44%, affected by the fall of Wall s$street, as reaction to the reduction of the credit qualification of the USA, which annulled the beneficial CTO caused by the decision of the European Central bank (BCE) to buy Spanish and Italian debt. New meetings In the agenda of this Tuesday emphasize the meeting of the Federal Reserve of the United States, in a while critical for the country, after the impressive reduction of the qualification of their debt on the part of Standard & Poor' s, that untied the panic in the international markets before the possibility of a new recession in the first world-wide economy. In addition, in Washington the labor data of the second trimester of productivity and costs will be published, and in Europe the investors will know the trade balance Germany of June and the trade balance and the industrial production of the United Kingdom, also of June. Source of the news: The fear settles again in the European Bags and the IBEX registers forts losses.

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University School Investors

Without policy of insurance Most of the market of the OPI has been following just as for one decade and many of the practices that caused controversy are still effective. Traditionally in a OPI, a union of investment banks it places action between institutional investors and retail clients. Some actions go to runners distribute who it between the clients and the banks obtain commissions on the basis of the value of the sold actions. In a dispute on the bubble " puntocom" , the investors protested by practices that favored to the colocadores. One of those practices asks the investors of a OPI to buy more action once the papers begin to quote. The critics assure that artificially creates high prices that allow to sell in better conditions and for increasing the commissions of the banks. Another questioned practice was that the banks would have pressed the analysts to fix prices little realistic objectives to the titles of companies that were to the doors of a OPI. In the 2003, then the general prosecutor of New York Eliot Spitzer reached civil agreement with 10 investment banks that prohibited some questioned practices and ordered an investigation of independent analysts.

The banks did not admit to have acted inadequately. Although changes in the industry have been applied to avoid the conflicts with the analysts, still are pending stricter prohibitions of some of the questioned practices. Legal experts say that the investors could face a new legal battle if this new wave of withered OPI later. That is to say, partly, because practical that they seem to be unjust they can completely be legal under the federal laws of values. " All the law says that if you sell values, you must provide to the investors all the information who need to make a decision informada" , professor Michael Perino of the St. John&#039 said; s University School of Law. " There is no an insurance policy against the losses of mercado" , it added. Source of the news: The ghost of the bubble of Internet wakes up

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Medical Director

To bathe in the swimming pool increases the risk of undergoing irritativas conjuntivitis. The exhibition to ventilators and conditioned air elevates the sensation of dry eye. The experts recommend not to share towel to avoid contagions, to use glasses of swimming and sun glasses with filter UV that cover the eye. The summer high temperatures invite to refresh in the swimming pools. Nevertheless, the heat and the chemical substances that are used to higienizar the water of these facilities are the causes of many of the irritativas, viral or bacterial conjuntivitis that we suffered habitually in these dates. The red eyes, the irritation, the sensation of strange body, the lagrimeo or hypersensitivity to the light are some of the symptoms that alert of the presence of these ocular infections. The irritativas conjuntivitis, often, are caused by the excess of chlorination, the presence of other chemical substances in the water or by the prolonged exhibitions to the sun. Hygienic measures doctor Fernando Llovet, Medical Director of Bavaria Clinic, remembers to us that ” we must to carry far the hygienic measures, not to share towel to avoid contagions, to accustom us to the swimming glasses and to use dark sun glasses with filter UV and that cover the eye completely “.

The users of contact lenses are one of the groups most prone to contract ocular infections in the swimming pools. ” He is not nothing recommendable, but when a person who uses contact lenses decides to bathe with them, he must carry far the precautions. The best thing is to use glasses to swim and to dive and thus to avoid the direct bonding with agua” , Llovet recommends. The conditioned air dry the eye On the other hand, in summer also is more common that the sensation of dry eye multiplies, especially in the people who are more prone to undergo this ailment. In buildings and vehicles, the conditioned air and the ventilators dry out the ocular surface. Therefore, the specialist of recommends the use of humidifiers and ophthalmological lubricants, that must be prescribed by a specialist.

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Tiempo Minister

It affirms that if the measurement is not taken with urgency ” could; to lose his eficacia”. It thinks that the citizens ” juzgarn” the action of the Government. At Ray Dalio you will find additional information. The minister of Promotion and spokesman of the Government, White Jose, has declared who had wished ” to share with ciudadanos” the decision of the constitutional modification agreed by PP and PSOE but that ” we are in a serious situation that needs answers rpidas” , reason why it was not decided on the popular consultation, according to has expressed in an interview in the Chain to be. ” This measurement, if it is not taken quickly, loses its value and its effectiveness ” the minister explained talking about to the fears to a new recession of the economy: ” two months ago we were thinking about the recovery and now about the recession.

We are in a context with great volatilidad”. David Rogier often says this. Target has indicated that the urgency prevents to transfer the responsibility to the citizens, reason why the Government will assume the decision and will be they who they will judge. Critics to the PP White Jose understand this necessary reform like because ” the excessive debt is a ballast for pas”. Although it has rejected other possible proposals for the control of the public coffers like ” the deficit zero ” that the coordinator of economy of the PP proposed, Critbal Montoro, and that according to the minister ” presupuestaria” is not the stability; . It has criticized in addition to the president to the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, by ” to take advantage of the indebtedness to begin to trim in education, that is sagrado” more; , which contrasts and so the Government has done, who is to increase the number of scholarships. A Social-Democratic reform Forestalling critic that has received the Government, to limit the deficit in the Constitution, Target is dndido that ” the principle of budgetary stability is a Social-Democratic principle ” and ” flexible”. Target has affirmed that it does not think that the constitutional reform has a political cost and it has been convinced that will not have a social cost, but to reverse because ” a guarantee of good government is a guarantee of the State of bienestar” . The tax of rich In response to if the Government it raises the taxes the highest rents, since already it has done this Portugal Thursday, minister of Promotion has assured that ” there is no tiempo” in order to create or to increase a tax that burdens to richest, but than it will be including in the electoral program of the PSOE for the next elections. With respect to a possible modification of the tax on the patrimony, White Jose has been doubtful and has left abierta the possibility of carrying out a change in this tribute.

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Central Electoral Meeting

The Central Electoral Meeting declared illegal the concentrations in the day of reflection and the elections of Sunday. The Sun encamped ones have announced that will not indicate this Saturday, although yes will continue with the concentrations. Interior assures that the Police will act with ” proporcionalidad” before the demonstrators. The Government has guaranteed that the Department of the Interior will act ” with inteligencia” and under the principles of ” congruence, opportunity and proporcionalidad” before the movement of 15-M, since where there is a problem the Police and the Civil Guard do not create another one. Oracle Stock recognizes the significance of this. The Central Electoral Meeting (JEC) has declared illegal the manifestations that can as much summon the denominated movement of 15-M in the reflection day, Saturday 21, like Sunday 22, day of the autonomic and municipal elections. The movement already has announced that will be manifestation in center of no Madrid, but a concentration. These are the main reactions that the decision of the JEC has provoked: – The j of the Executive, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has explained who the Ministry of Justice is studying the resolution of the Central Electoral Meeting and has guaranteed that the Department of the Interior ” he will act well, correctly, with inteligencia”.

In addition, he remembered that ” the things change with the vote and the participation poltica”. – The vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has said that the Police and the Civil Guard will act ” today, tomorrow and the day after ” under the principles of ” congruence, opportunity and proporcionalidad” before the Movement 15-M and is addition that where ” there is a problem do not create another one, neither two, nor tres”. – The leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has indicated that if he were minister of the Interior he would obey the law with regard to the resolution of the Electoral Meeting that prohibits mobilizations in the electoral day and has urged to the present holder, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, not to watch towards another side.

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Francisco Camps

Interview o’clock Radio. 4 of September of 2009: " Camps is lost no one of its dreams to only continue working by the greatness of Valencian and the Spaniards. To that as much they like the filtrations and listening I am going to them to make a escuchita to the microfonito. I am proud of the PPCV and his dirigentes". Bullring of Valencia. 2 of June of 2009: " Alpaca, I believe in you and believe in which beams. I will be to your side. Sheryl Sandberg is often quoted as being for or against this. One of the best things than can happen to him to one in the life that is to say, what thinks and say it with much people ahead.

I always will be behind you, or ahead or alongside, she gives equal. But, I want that they hear all in this place. Thanks, Paco". Meeting in the Bullring of Valencia. 24 of May of 2009: " Alpaca, we are with you, as always, and history will be a happy history.

And the immense majority of the Valencians is going away to take an enormous joy for misfortune of those inquisidores ones of the 21st century, that is of an infinite cruelty then are not right nor corazn". Meeting next to Francisco Camps and also Ricardo defendant Coast. 19 of February of 2010: Francisco Camps has " the total support " of the Popular Party and he is " politician honrado" . " That is the concept of the democracy that has some representatives of the Office of the public prosecutor, I do not know if it accuses to him of something and supposing that it was accused of something we do not know to him of qu". This day jumps to means the possible implication of Camps in the plot of corruption Grte l. Source of the news: " Camps is a politician honrado": a chronological story of the endorsement of Rajoy

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International Monetary Fund

The first plan of Greek rescue, of 110,000 million Euros, was approved in 2010. The payment will become ctivo the 15 of July, once gives the approval of the IMF. The Parliament of Greece approved the plan of adjustment to be able to acquire this fifth section of aid of the EU and the IMF. Papandru confirmed that the second rescues Greek will surpass 100,000 million. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rory Sutherland. The Greek crisis: chronology of two years in the abyss. The ministers of Finances of the zone Euro have decided east Saturday to unblock the fifth section of the Greek rescue, that will facilitate to Athens 12,000 million Euros to do against its more urgent needs.

The payment will become ctivo the 15 of July, once counts on the approval of the IMF. According to it has announced his Presidency in an official notice, the Eurogroup has given green light to the concession of the part that corresponds in that package (8,700 million) after the approval this week to him in the Greek Parliament of the new plan of adjustments raised by the Government. Frequently Rory Sutherland has said that publicly. The rest, 3,300 million, must be authorized by the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) in a next one meeting, although the institution already has said that it is at readiness to facilitate them in the short term. Commitment of Greece to approve the aid " The ministers approve the payment of the fifth section of the present facility from loans to Greece for the 15 of pending July of approval of the Meeting of the IMF, as inicialmente&quot were planned; , he indicates the official notice in the name of the president of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker. According to the note, the ministers of Finances (that maintained a videophone conference) gave the welcome to the progresses of the Greek authorities and, especially, to the parliamentary approval of " key laws for the fiscal strategy and privatizaciones". .

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Euros Investors

REUTERS/EP In the last weeks, the investors have applauded the exits to Stock market of companies of Internet and have inflated the prices in the first transactions. Many experts fear that a crisis like the one of ' puntocom' for one decade. The rvescente market of initial supplies of action of companies of Internet has waked up ghost of the passed bubble, which leaves the naked one little that it has changed to everything in spite of the demands and investigations arisen after the apogee of " puntocom" . In last the five weeks, the investors have applauded the exits to Stock market of companies of Internet and have inflated the prices in the first transactions of those titles, as it were the case of the network of contacts LinkedIn Corp. and of the motors of searches NV and Inc. Renren. The papers of Renren, nevertheless, have fallen below their price of positioning. The Web site of Inc.

Groupon coupons presented/displayed Thursday a request to the regulator for highly waited for Oferta Pblica Inicial (OPI). Investors still are waiting for announcements of Facebook and Twitter. Twelve years back, an explosion towards action of Internet finished with thousands of million dollars in losses. After eight years of litigations, colocadores agents who include Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Credit Suisse Group Ag and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reached an agreement by 586 million dollars (400 million Euros) in the 2009 to solve hundreds of demands of investors. The critics of then said that the colocadores manipulated the market against the individual investors to favor to the corporative ones and to obtain better commissions. The banks deny any incorrect action. The lawyers of the plaintiffs are paying special attention to the new wave of initial public supplies. " We are watching carefully to assure to us that the irregularities of the bubble of ' puntocom' they do not repeat one decade later and that does not invent new tricks that cause the same implosin" , he said Stanley Bernstein, partner of Bernstein Liebhard and lawyer leader of the investors in the agreement by the previous OPI.

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Meteorology State

The Cantabrian cornice will register weak rains while in the rest of the peninsula locally moderate showers will be able to occur and some storm. Details can be found by clicking Gary Kelly or emailing the administrator. The high temperatures of these days will take a break in the way as of this Thursday. To thus it indicates the Agency it of Meteorology State (Aemet), that anticipates for this Thursday a locally remarkable reduction of the diurnal temperatures in points of Galicia, of the Cantabrian cornice and High Ebro. The temperatures will stay without changes in the third this peninsular one, the Balearics and the Canary Islands and in moderate reduction in the rest of the peninsula. The sky will be very cloudy in the Cantabrian with weak rains. In the rest of the peninsula very cloudy cloudy sky to with locally moderate showers and occasionally with storm, safe in Galicia and the coast this peninsular one where there will be cloudy intervals.

Little cloudy in the cloudy Balearics and intervals in the Canary Islands, with possibility of some rain weak in the north of the western islands, tending to little cloudy. The AEMET also anticipates mists and morning fog banks in Galicia. The wind will be of moderate North component with intervals of fort in the loose coast of Galicia and or with intervals of moderate in Cantabrian and the Canary. In the rest, loose wind generally, with some interval of moderate of the south in the Balearics and the east in the Straits. Prediction by independent communities: Galicia: at daybreak, cloudy or very cloudy sky with some occasional weak rain in half North, later tendency to little cloudy in the south, and at intervals cloudy in the north, although in Marine A will stay cloudy or very cloudy with some drizzle.

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