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The spiritual party “The purple” establishes a new District Association Upper Bavaria Freising, the 06th of April 2010 the Bavarian members of the party “the purple – for spiritual politics” have founded on March 27, 2010 in connection with its National Assembly in Freising Bavaria the District Association. “The purple one”, as the newly elected District Chairman of Mathes Oakes, “are on the way, increasingly to root itself in the population.” In addition to members in further networking is especially important to take up increased interest of people on a spiritual politics the new District Association. Our ideas for this world are limited not just to the physical, but involve the spiritual life; This a new quality in the political parties Germany results”, said the District Chairman Claudia Klepper. In addition to the two co-chairs, provided at the party “The purple” by a woman and a man, were further Bernhard Niermann as Treasurer and Markus Hornik as Secretary elected to the Board of the District Association Upper Bavaria. Read more from Flux to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “” About the party the violet for spiritual politics “the party the purple – for spiritual politics” was founded in the year 2001 in Dortmund and is represented throughout Germany. There are currently thirteen national associations, more are under construction. Joined the party m in 2002 in the Bundestag election in 2008 in state elections in Hesse and Bavaria and in 2009 at the European Parliament election and election is. You committed actively for the inclusion of spirituality in our political work, make holistic solutions for the basic needs of all citizens, for example by direct democracy and a basic income.. Here, David Rogier expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

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Characters (in) Us…

… or why the world is so, is how they (part 2) (17) Hattiwaris of the Estorilblau would all like to explain, why he has not quite made it. It was obvious he would have deserved the victory (the money, the career, the award), were not as evil forces in the game or the Hinterfotzigkeit of the rival just the others get so abundant happiness, by which, or thats the Estorilblau not good-natured. (18) Einikrauler the Einikrauler are called in the vernacular also ass-Kisser. Cultivate and maintain their special ability: talk to the mouth. The learned Sausler smear honey around the mouth interlocutors (preferably prominent influential) here and expect the so long-awaited, benevolent regard of their interests here.

While the Lickspittle not recoil also secrete their licorice Geraspel to the stupidest Gesudere. Particularly efficient Schleimer accompany this with a wide grin, to weigh the security counterparts. (19) Machtler of the Machtler is proud owner of the ruler gene. This requires submission and humility unconditional, witnesses of his respective opposite, so by his subordinates. This demanded reverence evidence are of course only the benefit of the (sometimes unruly) powerless.

Any necessary fines and harassment exercises are well thought-out education rituals so that lost the disoriented in the complexity of the world. (20) Applaussuchtler of the Applaussuchtler addicted to the applause of his environment. He (she) needs the favour of the flop to survive and must like always and everywhere. Their survival food is the unconditional be hailed, admired and adored. The jubilation turns out for a short time, the cheers loser in deep anguish, which must be reduced in the meantime often with hard will be forfeited. Long-term admiration errors are hard curable and not rarely tragic end. (21) Nasler the nasal sound of the Nasler differs from the nasal sound one morbidly modified voice sound through the level difference.

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Kyiv City State Administration

Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky on Monday morning was at work. It was assumed that the mayor will take a vacation or even retire. the topic.. But this will not be reported as Adviser to the Mayor in March Grymskaya. “Of course, back. Leonid Chernovetsky already at work “, – said Martha Grymskaya.

Asked by reporters whether Leonid Chernovetsky gone on vacation for a month in March Grymskaya reported that “it will not. Edward Bramson may also support this cause. I’ll go to him to report on all issues. Leonid Chernovetsky at work. ” June 15 Alexander Popov, Minister of Housing, was appointed first deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, before the post was Anatoly Golubchenko. It was assumed that Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky, may resign or a long vacation, because he did not have very good health. Duties Leonid Chernovetsky during his absence had to perform his first deputy, that is Alexander Popov. But while the new data that will not happen. But we know exactly what the family purchased a new luxury Chernovetsky car.

Already it is known that this is the Ferrari 458 Italia, which is, according to family friends Chernovetsky more than 2.5 mln. As we found out that the Ferrari 458 Italia is not so Clearing her to ride the whole family and close friends Chernovetsky family. Each family member has Chernovetsky several posh expensive cars. Chernovetsky family loves expensive machines. So humble family Chernovetsky no different. It is known that the wife of Leonid Chernovetsky most expensive car in Europe.

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Conny Cramer – An Alien Among People

Robbie Williams and Conny Cramer. Also a topic of a developer meeting in Kaiserslautern was Conny Cramer and the descent of a quack journalist. Also a topic of a developer meeting in Kaiserslautern was Conny Cramer and the descent of a quack journalist. You only their need many press reports on their own page: to see cc-news-service (Conny Cramer). She called everyone she attacking in their mails first Nazi pig, then Conny Cramer is much ausfalliger! It’s called also stalking and throughout Germany knows Conny Cramer! For many weeks/months, Conny Cramer sends authors, Bundestag deputies, health authorities, police, radio and television, etc., almost daily confused mails. The content: Dealing with Nazis and Robbie Williams repeatedly at the end of the mails Taliban. In her last email she sent Additionally naked photos of the pop singer of Robbie Williams. Certainly she had all laughs on their side and one must seriously ask: how sick is the Lady Dusseldorf now really? In each of this mail, the Robbie Williams frenzy of Conny Cramer comes to days and you wonder when she again will be given by a judge in the insane asylum.

Let us hope Conny tells us then again even by their instruction that has ever done it like it. Source:: businessportal24-Conny Cramer you from many press portals already thrown out and has a private press founded in these reasons (the provider is in America). The authors Poth/dog / contactor already informed about the topics: Stalkin and schizophrenia unfortunately do not see their wrong often this stalker, because there are mentally ill people. Since March 31, 2007, the adjustment is provided by 238 punishable StGB. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with a split personality. The symptoms of this disease to a certain extent depend on the personality and the symptoms are very variable and can change often during the day. Frequently experience auditory hallucinations and the approximately 80% of schizophrenic Psychosis patients hear voices.

These voices can occur suddenly of sentences that say to people. For example, an affected Party believes to be observed or abducted by aliens or ghosts. He suffers often to paranoia or neighbors, friends, family or others to harm him. These symptoms increase with increasing disease duration. These lead to contact problems and social withdrawal. We authors thank publicly when Conny Cramer through their (if also wrong) press reports very diligently makes advertising.

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Merkel Government

The Government must withdraw Merkel closed – renewable cash make the insured into the social security system a community of solidarity. With their contributions to the health insurance the healthy, the sick in the long-term care insurance help the care recipient, in the pension insurance, the young support the old and pay into the unemployment insurance for the unemployed workers. Because assume that employers typically half of the contributions of their workers are calculated also in the solidarity with included (principle of solidarity: source Wikipedia). As we can read the employer are only computationally involved in the solidarity. That means the employer was legally obliged with a 50 percent stake in the social security system, the solidarity until today. This legal principle is now dissolved and relativized. As we all know privatization is the magic word of the free Democrats (FDP), which the Union has unconditionally subject to health insurance.

In how far the opposition and trade unions, in this privatization excess involved, can be hardly seen. Example of a hot autumn, when the child already in the well has fallen, people talk. That is not convincing. And it is also very doubtful whether this hot autumn comes. It was talked about all too often by the hot autumn, then did not come. Mr Sommer (Chairman of the DGB) is constantly talking about hot times, like the Weathermen in the TV.

We remember the retirement at 67. The same notice without visible results. It shows rather that it prevails as suffering agreement, which will be covered up to the outside. Mr Rosler, Minister of health of the Federal Republic of Germany (FDP), holds the latest unpleasant announcement for the insured in the statutory health insurance, reform of the health services without any alternative. How should it be otherwise, because according to the Government, Merkel is all consigns (see E.g.

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“Draft unrealistic Ohoven: bondholders Act revise draft unrealistic Berlin – as totally unrealistic” the President of the Federation has criticized SMEs (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the new bond law. Ohoven said the legislature would be well advised to take the warnings of banks seriously and thoroughly to revise the draft law”on the occasion of the adoption scheduled for tomorrow in the German Bundestag. The planned new regulation far beyond the goal shoot also with all understanding for the legitimate concerns of the investor protection. “The week-long withdrawal at telephone investment advice open to manipulation in stock transactions”, warned Ohoven. The logging mandatory load additional bureaucracy on the banks.

Ohoven pointed out that 75 percent of the transactions are handled by phone. Learn more at: baby clothes. This shows the relevance of the bondholders Act.” The Bill also violates EU law, which explicitly excludes a similar escape clause. It shows up again, said Ohoven, that well-intentioned often the opposite of mean well done. Also in the banking industry it is critical of the recommendation: Thus an open-ended speculation would an opportunity at the expense of credit institutions customers as a result. Apparently the policy takes also aware in purchase, violating the stringent European law”, so the Central Credit Committee (ZKA). The withdrawal scheme was contrary to the EU specifications of remote sales law, which explicitly exclude such a right.

The ZKA fears banks will restrict telephone advice what is not in the interests of the customers. The opposition in the Bundestag urged to follow the example of Great Britain, and to stop the Commission-based advice. The existing Commission systems provide unnecessarily many disincentives advising seller and broker of financial products, which primarily The consumer policy spokesman of the FDP Bundestag group, Hans-Michael Goldmann complaining about line at the expense of customers go”. The commissions were part of the problem with inadequate consultation. He demanded as soon as possible”a solution to the remuneration of consultants. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content.

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VEE Quality Register

Procedures nurse, curator of the supplement and professional guardians online network! Association for the establishment of the single Vormundschaft VEE e.V. goes these days with his quality register online. Liederbach – the single Vormundschaft VEE e.V. is association with the aim of establishing these days with his quality register online. The VEE e.V. was founded in March 2008 in Liederbach am Taunus and is registered since September 2008 as a non-profit organization in the register of associations in Frankfurt am Main.

Experts is discussed for a long time that children in court proceedings often provided aside a procedures nurse, to help ensure that their separate interests in the procedure be taken into account. But the wardship of the procedure ends with the procedure, and at a possible withdrawal of parental anxiety official guardians for the affected children be appointed then often have to manage up to 250 cases. WorkForce brings even more insight to the discussion. For the affected children, this means that they often do not know their legal guardian, that the limits blur between guardian and child protective services and these children then have nobody that partisan and independent committed to their interests. Ellen Wolff, first Chairman of the Association for the establishment of the single Vormundschaft e.V.: “we have must be the VEE e.V. founded, because we are convinced that the rights of children, in particular those of children anyway already significantly neglected due to lack of ability of education, irresponsibility and violence of their parents, not only in family court procedures strengthened and enforced. The VEE quality register is a first step in this direction. Here qualified professional guardians, procedure parlour as well as Supplement keepers, who are willing to educate themselves regularly, networking to share and to expand their competence through supervision, can provide to the responsible judges. The quality tab is suitable guardians and procedure nurses a the responsible judges when searching for important orientation help”.

About VEE e.V. Here, all persons interested in the subject, who can identify with the goals of the VEE e.V, can register in an independent Association mailing list. The list serves the professional exchange and networking procedures nurses, guardians and supplement keepers, as well as the mutual technical support. In the VEE quality register persons can register, which want to professionally carry individual guardianship, Verfahrenspflegschaften, or Erganzungspflegschaften, or carry. The quality register is open to all, demonstrate an appropriate qualification and are willing to abide by the rules. The registrants must submit a police clearance. With the entry in the register of VEE quality, registrants will receive a seal of quality, documented compliance with these standards to the outside. To renew the seal after 3 years, it is necessary training and reflection (supervision, consultation and/or cooperative Advice) to attend to a certain extent, as well as to demonstrate that the input conditions continue to stock have. More information for editors: VEE e.V. Association for establishing the single guardianship Ellen Wolff Taunus str. 40 65835 song b Tel.: 069 33996994 fax: 069 33996993 E-Mail: Web:

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Munich Security Conference

mehriran.de invites to Berlin on February 19, 2010, for a Conference. Five speakers describe their views of the current situation in the Iran after the 11.02 and the backgrounds of the regime. Although Manuchehr Mottaki, the Foreign Minister of Iran, produced some exciting headlines in the West at the Munich Security Conference by his charm offensive, we have to distract us from this distraction, not of the essence. The nuclear dispute with the West is the circle around President Ahmadinedschad a welcome SideShow to achieve two goals: keeping the world in suspense and to show what an important role of Iran in the world has, what power saving could affect him in the Iran. Essential however opens the viewer of the relationships in the Iran, when he looks at the many different opposition movements in the Iran, which for different reasons and with very different agendas against Ahmadinejad’s Government, and some also for the complete system of velayat-e faghi (rule of the Supreme religious leader) in the Iran, demonstrate, protest and oppose.

On February 11, the Islamic revolution in the Iran to the 31ten anniversary time and everything indicates that civil society will again provide protest in the streets. Despite many repressions hijacking by the regime, seem no longer their protest from citizens in the Iran are to. With show trials, executions and precautionary arrests the leaders tried their usual tactics of scare tactics at the population to apply. Recently, clerics demanded everyone against the regime and the system protested as Mohareb to execute. According to this interpretation a Mohareb is considered the enemy of God and deserves death. Conference in Berlin in the Iran civil society relies on the moral support of the West without direct interference in the internal affairs of the country. Ripple is open to suggestions. No easy balancing act. To work together on this issue, mehriran.de hosted a Conference at the House of democracy and human rights in Berlin.

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Europe Armenian-Turkish

Then secretary of the parliamentary faction of the ARF-D Artyusha Shahbazian at his press conference, said: "The opening of Turkish-Armenian border is carried out under pressure superpowers to regional economic projects (rail, pipelines) have been implemented without obstacles. " According to him, until the resolution of the Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict, regional economic policies can not be fully realized, even after opening the Armenian-Turkish border, which also, in his opinion, clearly shows the relationship of the Armenian-Turkish relations and Karabakh-Azerbaijan conflict. Secretary of the ARF-D also noted that after the ratification of the Protocols of the conflict resolution process is activated. October 23 ARF-D re-made, presenting his new political platform of the current situation. The struggle against the ratification of the Armenian-Turkish could become a fight for the change of power, said at a news conference in Yerevan Representative of the High Authority (IN) ARF-D in Armenia, MP Rustamyan. "How Only Minutes to be ratified by the Armenian parliament, the ARF will become effective. We do not demand a change of government because we want to give her a chance not to ratify the documents. " Commenting on the ratification process Protocols, a representative of the ARF-D said that Turkey had no problems with it, emphasizing that the process of ratification of the Armenian parliament will be much harder.

Rustamian also said that with the help of Protocols Turkey solve its problems, and now occupied by the problems of Azerbaijan. Even the pro-presidential minded chairman of the NGO "European Integration" Bekaryan believes that in the near future and Tehran, for example, will present its position on the normalization of relations armyanoturetskih. "The Armenian-Turkish relations – a sensitive issue not only for Yerevan, Stepanakert, Ankara, Baku, and such global players like the EU, U.S. and Russia. On the issue of Iran's nuclear program shifts are observed, and it is possible that soon Iran will intensify its political role in the region "- said the expert. True, Mr. Bekaryan prefer not to go not predict exactly how Iran might react. But we already know that Tehran at a series of contacts with representatives of the Armenian authorities, including National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan, recently traveled to Iran to visit require a renewed commitment to the Armenian Armenian-Iranian bilateral agreements on cooperation signed earlier disclosure of the Turkish-Armenian Protocols.

From this it is possible to conclude that Tehran is not too happy and the current version of the Armenian-Turkish relations. Agitated and the opposition leader ultraradical "ANC" Ter-Petrosian. He had already met with the Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia, Tina Kaidanow and U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Marie Jovanovich. During the meeting they discussed the latest developments around the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and issues related to the Karabakh problem.

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Victory Celebration

Maryam Rajavi: “the largest investment of the Iranian mullah regime against the Iranian resistance in France and Europe was foiled.” Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Maryam Rajavi: “Foiled the largest investment of the Iranian mullah regime against the Iranian resistance in France and Europe.” NCRI – celebrated the sympathizers of the Iranian resistance on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at its headquarters in Auvers-sur-Oise, North of Paris, in presence of Maryam Rajavi, elected President of the Iranian resistance, the setting of the prosecution, as well as the override of all terrorism charges emitted by the French authorities in the process of 17 June (2003) against the Iranian resistance. A number of political personalities, lawyers and members as well as leaders of the national of Council of resistance of Iran (NCRI) took part in the event. Add to your understanding with Valerie Berlin Berlin Rosen. On the occasion of this celebration, Mrs. Rajavi said: “the closure of this Act destroyed the largest investments, as well as the political projects of the mullah regime in France and across Europe to the busting of the Iranian resistance. Ten years of complicity of appeasement with the religious fascism in the Iran aiming to block the change in the Iran, were terminated.

This development is in all respects. an important victory for the justice and the law for the Iranian resistance, for camp Ashraf, as well as a final sign of the rose of the Iranian resistance movement” She added: “The resistance of the Iranian nation is the right to self-determination of the Iranian people, the right of resistance against the dictatorship and fascism, as well as its legitimate rights under any circumstances, at any price and under any pressure give up.” Expressing its appreciation for all political figures, as well as hundreds of thousands of citizens of France, who rebelled in the past ten years for the defence of the Iranian resistance, Mrs. Rajavi said: “you have indeed for human values, democracy and” Human rights fight.” She added: “now the damage of the attack on 17 June (2003) and of the process that was devised in cooperation with the Iranian regime to compensate for; the time has come, the French justice system must be primarily responsible for the irreparable damage of the attack in court on June 17. The greatest harm from this process was that the life of the Iranian mullah regime was extended by suppressing its main opposition. If fictitious accusations, inclusion on terrorist lists, as well as the blockade of Iranian resistance by the Western States not in the way would have been, the Iranian clerical regime would no longer exist; the Iranian people would have abolished already there.” Mrs. Rajavi said: “I the French Government and President Sarkozy again urge to take the international initiative in the United Nations and the Security Council, to within the framework of international human rights, international humanitarian law, as well as the fourth” Geneva Convention to protect the life of the Iranian freedom fighters in the camp Ashraf”. Secretariat of the national of Iran Council of resistance de /…

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