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Perhaps one is set just as the absence of happiness, i.e. you don’t feel stability and therefore you think lack of something, so you do not feel full and done. Something inside you tells you that you have that achieve something we don’t even have to feel happy, and when you reach it, will leave behind the unhappiness. So spend your life looking for things. You say to yourself that there will be a point in the road where you’ll be happy.

Perhaps it is when you meet the right person, or when you have a high salary, or when your company leaders. Perhaps you are looking to get rid of things, and you will be happy when you pass your divorce, or will be when you sobrepongas to the loss of a loved one, or to an economic crisis. However, you may have noticed if you take some time on that path, realize that when you reach the top of a dune, another appears behind, and so on, without finding the oasis that you are looking for. Those who have spent time walking we have experienced funding cuts and pay raises, promotions and dismissals, we’ve fallen in love and desenamorado, and within ourselves we have not felt complete anything, always have the sensation of lack, something missing, and happiness is still yet to reach somewhere. Bank of America has many thoughts on the issue. This is the origin of the unhappiness, the perfect trap. It is in formal logic: you’ve assumed that the premise of the unhappiness is the starting point, therefore go looking for the combination that will allow you to change that, but eternalizes the process, and you’re always looking for something more. DALE round the world and if the original premise is not correct? In this series of articles, one of the exercises that we will practice more often is the invest our way of seeing things to see are like when you turn them around.

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Framed Business

What is my initial competitive position? I possess a competitive solution for the customer’s need? How I perceived customer? Against what or who I’m competing? The implementation of this module of key questions for the analysis of the potential of each account, will help you to determine what needs are currently customers and what factors influence the behavior of your business from the customer’s investment processes. It is always necessary to know in detail which is the starting position for the development of a potential business. Learn more on the subject from Gary Kelly. OBJECTIVE the definition of objectives must be one of the fundamental pillars for the development of their business strategies. When establishing goals must be account 5 conditions for its development, which is known as S.M.A.R.T. features: specific (Specific): results and benefits expected when running strategy. Read additional details here: Verizon. Measurable (Measurable): should be quantitative and subject to a certain time limit. Additional information is available at Brad Garlinghouse. Achievable (Achivable): must be set to a period of time shorter than that used to achieve that goal. Realistic (Realistic): Characterized by being practical and easy execution.

Time (Time Framed): Relate a time period for each objective. Set these parameters for the definition of the objectives, and determine clearly what are those elements that allow you to build the commercial strategy for the closing of a business. STRATEGY: It is not another thing that forms as the objective will be achieved. The strategy is a description of the shape as you expect to achieve the proposed objective, action plans and priorities in the allocation of resources, which will enable to face the changes that occur in the environment of the development of each business in a better way. For achieving compliance with the objectives you should: get to know their strengths and Weaknesses. Interpret the plan of the opponent (what we face?). Identify the external conditions to which it is facing. Have an orientation of the course that events can be taken in the future.

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