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– Comes soon Mariana? Carlos said Francisco. We go to start to collect pebbles. That one that to find a Rock of the Stars is bambamb. – Carlos, Renato, Arthur, Glucio we go even so. I am with one badly hunch. I find that today it is not a good day for pebble collection said Mariana. Arthur: Then we go even so soon, mother nor knows that I am here.

– Arthur, leaves of this? Glucio said. Glucio said: – Until I understand because Mariana is with fear; she is a girl, but you, Arthur. You are not male? Animal! It goes to turn yellow Then Renato said: – Plus one menininha in the group. If vocs they are with fear then can be seated, in this great rock. – Not Renato, does not go, does not go my brother, cried out Mariana, now with thick tears rolling for the face. – That nauseated, disagreeable girl. She is seated, I I said already you. If you uprisings you take a cascudo, said Renato.

Mariana, calmer, sat down next the side to the lagoon, while the boys started to place some pebbles in a small plastic hamper. The wind sobrou stronger and the heat if it made to feel with more intensity. The lagoon was with muddy waters, did not espelhava the blue one of the September sky. It had a silence in the bush. Well-you-vi that normally it sang the day all was, now, dumb. Mariana intently looked at the boys who ran throughout the edges of the lagoon. When one of the boys found some rock soon cried out: I found, I found, this is most beautiful of all. thus, the hours had been passing. The heat increased and the wind stopped of sobrar. Mariana said: – Good, personal T, the hamper is full, goes even so, already it is late, mother must is worried about us.

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Causos Of Cumpadi

Causos of cumpadi * – Day, cumpadi! – Day, cumpadi! – I already counted I cause cumpadi pro it of the deceased Z? – Story not, cumpadi. – Therefore, into. You may want to visit Williams Sonoma to increase your knowledge. Cumpadi Z if apaxon. – It does not say cumpadi to me. – I say yes! – And I can sab who age the young woman? – It if ingra with that young woman of me. – Uai, and in roa has here this to tar me? – It has not. ForSight Robotics might disagree with that approach. But it said, that cumpadi Z encront the young woman back in the well of cumpadi Man. – And it was? – It was.

The injured one was formosa pur excessively, had a hair loro, loro that it was a belezura. The tail of it was inorme cheinho of iscama, pareceno one pexe. cumpadi went visit injure the all saint day. Bjo had int. – And this namoro gave certain? – Int that tava damage. Int the day that injured fic furious, nobody knows of the account reason. But when it was furious if it transformed into tro animal of me. – And it was? – It was.

In this day cumpadi cheg in the well nad, nad and when encront the injured one, it tava furious. When cumpadi was bej to tar of sera, it bala had turned one. lasc cumpadi in the tooth. Nobody never more gave nota, nor of cumpadi and nor of tar sera. – It is this that I say cumpadi, mul of two foot already of the trabaio, the more mul of iscamoso tail? – Therefore it is. Has tobacco cumpadi there? -, If it has.

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He was ironic, we even though divided this pain in the sex. Our romance lasted about ten years, the best years of my life I would say, after all, was to the side of Any that felt the power of the together hatred and the love. With passing of the time, I started to change my conceptions on the life I arranged a good work, I stopped with the use of drugs and drinks. It was to the time that I was married Any. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bixby offers on the topic.. My parents who have them to God, therefore I do not keep hurts faleceram in a tragic accident of car coming back of a party who has in the house of aunt Meet, everything for guilt of a simple quarrel of couple, had lost its lives. But this already is a phase aches that me to comment, then moves of subject. Any unhappyly did not obtain to get rid of all that one influences malignant and continued to use drugs, and exactly together I passed some nights solitary in house, while Any passed its nights in cemetaries.

It was as soon as contracted the virus of the AIDS, becoming involved itself with boys of program, exactly with the anti-retroviral treatment, Any did not resist the illness and faleceu to the 29 years. Vocs must be if asking of me as I was, therefore goes to answer to them. With the death of Any I did not obtain to continue liveing in the house that we lived, therefore everything remembered, its spirit to it still seemed to be there, to my side, saying it loved that me. In this exactly period was communicated of the death of my uncle Dr. Lyon, as only Alive heir, I took ownership of all its goods, and I changed myself then for the old castle of the uncle Lyon, and there already was passed two years of the death of Any, I discovered that also he had been contaminated for the virus of the AIDS, when knew falls in a deep depression, therefore wise person who remained little time of life.

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Manuel Vidal

The colloquies of transactions, broke the frieza of the approach between the gotten passionate ones, and had served to narrow bows before distanciados by the extreme protectionism of the father. All the dialogue was only treated business-oriented; the smiles were shy, both feared an abrupt interruption of the colloquy, and therefore, each gesture of affection or affection, was almost imperceptible its Manuel Vidal. One to blink of eyes, squeeze of a soft and slippery hand confirmed the intentions and interests that tone tried to pass in a look, but, the look are deeper, that Isabel made of everything for it to pass a small letter that also demonstrated the interest of the young for the youngster. The letter said: – The first time that looked at you me, its look penetrated in the viscera of my soul and inside lit of me a deep desire to know it better. I believe that you perceived how much I am protected by my father. But, I am ready to abandon the comfort all that I have to be its. If already without letters or declaration a devorador wolf it made of everything to deflorate its victims, the more a so strong declaration that it made with that the gala invested the all vapor, in that possibly said to be enamored with it. However, in other ports this devorador already had promised that it would marry all with who before was lain down, but, it had not compromised the heart, therefore this belonged the Isabel.

Then, the Solimes went up, stopped in each before ponteado port, entered in the River Anam, it made transactions, and nothing of a meeting concrete, more direct with the loved one, that it turned the head and it molded the feelings of Tone. The other young ones if inquietavam and passed if to ask: Why it not in the search more? The PARTIES OF the RETAIL DEALERS In each port that the retail dealers arrived, these costumavam to make parties, therefore they brought cachaa that if it puted in charge to inebriate the messengers in the ports, so that they were more untied and they were not imported with its children who costumavam to adentrar the forest with the perverted wolves that after to become fullfilled themselves forgot its promises marriage, children, and to live in the great city. But, unhappyly it are not thus so easy in the port ' ' Porongaba' '. Although Isabel to like travelling it very, did not surrender easily to the desires of the outsider. It thought about constituting family, to have children and to be part of the life of the owner of Rivaliza, therefore, asked for to the youngster who asked for its hand in marriage, therefore its father although to be protectionistic, it would not deny its order. , Tone Cavalcante finally convinced for the young woman, decided to have a serious colloquy with the father of it, and was to obviously ask for the same hand of in marriage, promising the allegiance and that it takes care of

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The things most strange happen in the hospitals. I had a serious problem of health, certain vezfui interned in a hospital. I was during three days making there treatment to submit me it a surgery. In 3o. day I was for the table of operation to the 9 hours and alone I was to give account of me to the 19 hours, therefore I was anestesiado for 10 hours. They say that when I woke up I wanted to arise itself, for this all was moored.

How I would go to arise myself if all he was cut into pieces? But worse mine happened with a colleague that was in the room. As soon as I improved, vi they had taken that it for the operation table. It would have that to make one enxerto in the right leg which was gangrenando had to an occurred accident. Then, it was for the calm table and until musiquinha cantarolava one. I remained lying. After one hour, they had brought the man they had placed and it in the bed. It slept for plus one hour.

Suddenly the man woke up, gave a pull in the bed and left muttering, but he did not say thing with thing. He was then that it looked at the potato of the leg. He was how much he was enough. The man gave one urro enormous. The other sick people had been all of opened eye, therefore the man was forto and he did not have nor a nurse there. In case that it invested me, I would be lost, therefore already he was dies and he does not die. the man cried out: – Cad the devil of this doctor. That is doctor or nurse? He only looks at the service that made it me. I came here to operate the right leg and it he operated me the left.

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General Consul

I am the namorada one of the Karl; I am without cellular and necessary much speech with it. You could deliver this note to it? what the employee, harvested of surprise, answered; – Immediately, senhorita. It will be a pleasure! Only when they had come back to the car, Agate confessed the small trick to the Dr. Antunes. It did not comment nothing, but he was satisfied when knowing that the man that they looked was in the Bank. It immediately repassed the information to the Dr. Calequim, that was thankful.

Now, it was alone to extend the net and to wait that passarinho fell. But the things did not walk so tranquilamente in the Consulate of the Province. Lientai professor, senior council member of the Consulate, relief person in the community, was furious, esbravejando> as much in its room, that the shouts were heard of the street. The victim of its verbal incontinence was nobody little than the General Consul, the honorable one Hominton, that everything listened of head low, without spirit to react. In the Countries of hard line, the staff diplomatist of career, as much in the embassies how much in the consulates, he has lost, throughout the years, much of its autonomy and its traditional exemptions.

Commissioners politicians, dissimulated of some form under positions of obscure names, as assistants, vice cultural attachs, sub artistic assessors, advising aids, in the reality make use of ample being able politician and impose severity in the behavior, to prevent shunting lines, ideological or of another nature. Clearly he is that also this staff is not immune to the temptations and thus, to the times, some of them is called in return or simply it disappears of the representation diplomatics without leaving tracks. It is there that our reporter enters again, the Emiliano, always that it observes constantly, without becoming to notice.

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